Joey Barton's best and worst tweets

May 30, 2014

QPR footballer Joey Barton apologises on Twitter for describing Ukip as the best of 'four really ugly girls'

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Footballer Joey Barton has apologised on Twitter after describing Ukip as the best of "four really ugly girls" on the BBC's Question Time programme.

During the live debate, Barton said that in the last election Ukip was the "best of a bad bunch". Then he added: "If I am somewhere and there were four really ugly girls, I'm thinking, 'Well, she's not the worst'."

The footballer later apologised on Twitter, telling Piers Morgan: "I may have upset one or two women with an ill-conceived metaphor."
It isn't the first time Barton has used Twitter to get himself either into or out of hot water. Below are some of his best and worst tweets.

Joey on violence:

Joey on politics:

Joey on telling the truth:

Joey on TOWIE:

Joey vs Gary Lineker:

Joey vs the world:

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Don't like Barton at all ,but why apologize for saying what most of the country is thinking