Tony Blair accused of lies over Syrian WMDs

Jun 22, 2014

Former intelligence chief says PM ‘trying to rewrite history’ of Assad's chemical weapons

Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Tony Blair is lying about his knowledge of Syrian weapons of mass destruction, according to a former intelligence chief this morning.

John Morrison, former head of the defence intelligence staff and the deputy chief of defence intelligence between 1994 and 1999, says Blair is attempting to "rewrite history" over what he knew about president Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons capability.

Last week, Blair claimed that he did not know Assad was manufacturing chemical weapons until the regime began using them in 2012.

However, in a letter to The Observer, Morrison claims that for more than a decade before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the former prime minister must have been aware that Syria had a chemical attack capability because intelligence officials were regularly telling him so.

Morrison says Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons was a regular theme in his intelligence reports to Blair. "The issue was not whether he [Assad] had them but when and how he might use them," he writes.

Morrison adds: "One wonders whether Blair read the assessments we provided him, is trying to rewrite history to his benefit, or is suffering from some prime ministerial false memory syndrome. Whatever, he should not be allowed to get away with untruths."

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Ah, good ol' Tony. As he twists and writhes in
his ivory towered misery. I can see him now pacing to-and-fro in his Dubai penthouse insisting, INSISTING to his nodding retinue of flunkeys that he will be proved right, THIS TIME! There's an almost Shakespearean descent into madness as the man on the receiving end of all the cash,
prestige and glory he gloated for is crushed by his inner demons. Pity he can't venture into public for fear of being spat upon and heckled.

really? i quite liked Mr.Blair, he was the best PM you had in my lifetime.... I'm Irish by the way, I think he is popular here even if you lot are trying to drag his name through the dirt. If you think Mr.Blair was bad you should google some of our clowns, Haughey, Aherne, Cowan.... now these guys were proper crims, Blair was a good guy.

Sorry, but saying that Blair was a good guy in comparison with Haughey and Aherne is like saying that Fred West was a good guy compared with Hitler or Pol Pot.

Tony Blair lied repeatedly to Parliament and to the British people, dragging this country into an unwinnable war with Iraq that left thousands dead and millions more homeless.
He has blood on his hands, and - if there were any justice - should be charged with war crimes.

As it is, the evidence of his lies unearthed by the Chilcot enquiry will be hidden away from the people until Blair is little more than a footnote in history. The man is an arsehole.