Robbie Williams falls off stage and breaks fan's arm

Jul 4, 2014

Singer Robbie Williams was performing in Newcastle when he took a tumble onto a 52-year-old female fan

Daniel Liebl/Getty Images

Robbie Williams fell off a Newcastle stage last week and landed on a fan, breaking her arm, it has emerged. The story came to light when her angry daughter tweeted about it, says the Newcastle Chronicle.

ITV says the singer was unaware he had injured anyone after taking a tumble during a show at the Metro Radio Arena. Williams slipped off the stage while trying to high-five audience members and landed in the gap in front of a security barrier.

It seems a 52-year-old fan, Margaret Nash, took the brunt of the singer’s fall. Williams carried on performing and managed an inelegant forward-roll back onto the stage, declaring: "That went well!"

Nash was treated by medics at the venue after complaining of pain in her arm and was later taken to hospital where she spent the night. She now has her entire right arm in a purple plaster cast, says the Chronicle.

Williams has now contacted Nash, after her daughter sent him a tweet, which read: 'You fell on my mam and she has been in hospital since with a broken arm. You never even said sorry.'

Paul Tattenden, general manager of the Metro Radio Arena, said: "We attended to the lady on the night after she said she had pain in her arm … we were subsequently told she had broken her arm.

"We got in touch with Robbie Williams' production company and they have been in touch with the lady."

The Chronicle says Nash doesn’t want money from the star but quotes a 'friend' who says Nash would "love an apology".

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he did't aware, who is standing near the stage..otherwise he is a wise and good person and he will must apologize to girl..