Audi break-in spree: police warn of 'emergency key' risk


Thieves who broke into 39 Audis in 48 hours may have been hunting emergency keys left in the glove box

LAST UPDATED AT 11:48 ON Thu 10 Jul 2014

Police are urging Audi owners to remove 'emergency keys' from their car glove boxes after a spate of break-ins.

The Daily Telegraph reports that 39 Audi vehicles in Leicestershire were targeted in two days. Police, who have arrested one suspect, say the offenders may have been driving a black Audi estate. The detective heading the inquiry added: "While we have made an arrest, investigations are still ongoing."

Speaking about the peculiar trend, detective sergeant Steven Hutchings said: "One line of enquiry that we are looking into is that the Audis may have been deliberately targeted to obtain an emergency key which can sometimes be found in the glove box."

Police are advising Audi owners to check their glove compartments for emergency keys and remove them from the vehicle.

Audi UK, which says it warns new owners not to leave the emergency key in the car, admitted certain models – including the Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8 – come with an emergency plastic key blade which can start the car if the original key has been lost.

The manufacturer's product affairs manager Robin Davies said: "Audi is absolutely committed to setting the very highest standards for security. However, no vehicle is immovable if its key is accessible."

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