Hurricane Bertha: is this the end of the British summer?

Aug 8, 2014

Weekend 'may feel more like autumn or winter' as Hurricane Bertha heads across the Atlantic to the UK

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Britain's glorious summer could be dampened this weekend as Hurricane Bertha makes its way across the Atlantic, forecasters have warned.

Hurricane Bertha gained momentum in the Bahamas before heading from the Caribbean towards the UK and continental Europe.

Although Bertha was downgraded on its way towards Europe its arrival will coincide with spring tides, potentially causing problems in coastal areas, says the Daily Telegraph.

The weekend "may feel more like autumn or winter", says meteorologist Craig Snell, and the  Met Office has warned of prolonged torrential rain on Sunday.

According to the Met Office Storm Tracker, earlier this week Bertha was a strong category one hurricane barrelling along at 60 knots, though it weakend rapidly as it travelled north and east.

North America and Canada  avoided the worst of the hurricane, with Bertha staying offshore.

Once Bertha is out of the way, the Met predicts that the rest of August will see some "fine spells of weather" along with showers at times and "frequent bouts of unsettled weather" in the north.

Towards the end of the month, southern and eastern parts of the UK are likely to see the most frequent and prolonged fine and dry spells.

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