UK weather sends British seal 50 miles inland - video

Jan 2, 2013

Footage of seal cavorting in a flooded bird sanctuary 50 miles from the sea goes viral

IF further evidence was needed that the British weather has been extremely wet of late, this video of a seal waddling around in a flooded Cambridgeshire field 50 miles from the coast, surely provides it.

The seal is shown clambering over the flood defences surrounding the RSPB’s Fen Drayton Lakes bird sanctuary near St Ives. The Guardian says the animal appears to have swum up the Great Ouse river from King’s Lynn, in Norfolk.

Wildlife experts said seals are sometimes seen in the river, but this one was at least 10 miles further inland than any previous sighting. Graham Elliot from the RSPB said he had never seen a seal make it into the lakes before.

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Good thing you did not get into a fish sanctuary.... make sure you get back in time, little seal, before you get landlocked. Although it is hard to believe, one day there will probably be an end to this rainy weather!