Assange sex claims bogus, says Galloway as Ecuador warns UK

Aug 21, 2012

Controversial MP wades into diplomatic row as Correa tells UK not to violate embassy

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GEORGE GALLOWAY, the leader of the Respect Party, has entered the row over the extradition of Julian Assange, claiming that the WikiLeaks founder has been set up by the two woman who have made sexual assault allegations against him in Sweden.
The controversial MP for Bradford West said: "If the allegations made by these two women were true, 100 per cent true, and even if a camera in the room captured them, they don't constitute rape."
In a podcast, Galloway described the alleged victims as "two women with incredibly complex political backgrounds who just, at the right time, come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against him".
His comments have been condemned by rape charities.
Whistle-blowing journalist Assange is at the centre of a diplomatic stand-off after he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London two months ago while fighting extradition proceedings to Sweden. He has now been granted asylum by Ecuador.
Assange fears that if he is forced to travel to Sweden to face questioning over the sex allegations he will then be extradited to the US where he could face an eternity in jail or even the death penalty for disseminating diplomatic and military secrets via WikiLeaks.
The UK says it is obliged to extradite him to Sweden after a court ruling and last week it suggested in a letter to Ecuador that it had the right to enter the embassy to arrest Assange.

Speaking on TV last night, Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador, said that course of action would be "suicide" for Britain as it would set a precedent that would allow for its diplomatic premises "to be violated in every corner of the planet".
Correa said he was prepared to take the issue to the UN. "This was a leader looking confident in the knowledge his actions have won him popular support and regional backing from allies across the continent," reported Sky News.
However, the BBC says Correa made it clear that "channels of negotiation with the UK were still open".

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Disqus - noscript last! Someone with more than a grain of common sense - well said George, even if the politically correct brigade are "offended" by your comments, those comments are nonetheless astute and valid.

Even if the US has not yet made any formal request for Assange's extradition from Sweden (why should they? - he isn't even there yet) you can bet that they will, just as soon as he sets foot on Swedish soil.

The timing and the nature of the allegations against Assange are highly suspicious - it is surely not beyond the wit of man for the Swedish investigators to visit Assange in Britain in order to ascertain the nature and validity of these allegations against him?

Thank you, Mr. Galloway. I don't understand why the media doesn't spend more time looking at the obvious complicity of these women. I suppose it's easier not to spend the effort/money. Plus rape is a hot button that's easy to hit. The number of people/organizations assuming he is guilty of rape, when the circumstances are based on the women saying no condom was offered; it's quite simply bizarre. Our justice system is built on the right to a fair trial and in Mr. Assange's case this is not now possible.

I am no fan of George Galloway --- But the man speaks out honestly & robustly on subjects that frighten our lily-livered elected politicians --- Shackled by self imposed political correctness they have no genuine contribution to make --- Except to further muddy the waters.

There is ample evidence that the charges are false. One of the women, A.A., tweeted about how Assange was still staying with her and how they together wanted to go to more parties - two days after the alleged rape! The actual charges, if you read the official Swedish documents is that he had unprotected sex with her. Nothing else. A.A. did not file rape charges until she found out that Assange had been sleeping with another girl during the time he was staying with her.

The Swedish police have not charged Assange, they merely wish to question him.Why the need for him to go to Sweden? I ask many questions of friend in Germany but I don't need for him to come to England to put them to him, we use Skype! Maybe someone should draw this possibility to the attention of the British goverrnment, particularly to young Hague, he has the appearance of being not very bright!

Yep, Galloway is basically correct. There's no precedent in UK or even US history for a "rape" charge of this sort.