Spoof Barclays ad mocks Libor rate-fixing scandal

Jul 5, 2012

Comedian sends up bank's metaphor-heavy ads by explaining saga in voice of Stephen Merchant

WHEN a multinational behemoth makes a catastrophic blunder, the internet spoofs are never far behind. After BP's Gulf of Mexico spill it was alternative logos. For Barclays' Libor rate-fixing, it seems to have taken the form of a hilariously reworked advert.
The spoof, which appears just a week after news broke that Barclays had been fined £290m for attempting to manipulate the Libor rate, takes as its target one of the company's metaphor-heavy commercials featuring Stephen Merchant.
Adopting his best Merchant impression, the narrator explains how the giant egg timer pictured represents the Libor rate. "The woman, see, she represents Barclays and she's manipulating the Libor to help boost the bank's profits," he continues. "Imagine what she's doing now is devious, disgraceful and that the woman herself is an unspeakably-duplicitous s**tbag."
The video, created by comedian Michael Spicer, concludes: "So, there you go – shocking greed in a handy metaphor", before finishing with a new slogan for the bank: "Barclays. F***ing Barclays".
It's not the only ribbing Spicer has dished out to Barclays. Yesterday during Bob Diamond's appearance at the Treasury select committee, Spicer tweeted: "Diamond says he only found out about the rate-fixing this month and assumed for several years that Libor was in Lord of the Rings."

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