Flight Lieutenant Owen Morris

May 3, 2012

On 29 March 2010, we published an article titled 'Belle de Jour claims she received death threats' about assertions made by the author Brooke Magnanti, who had blogged under the pseudonym Belle de Jour. Flight Lieut Owen Morris is the former boyfriend of Ms Magnanti.

We stated inaccurately that a restraining order had been obtained against Flight Lieut Morris, that he had made threats of violence against Ms Magnanti, that she had revealed her true identity to the Sunday Times because he was about to "spill the beans" to the Daily Mail, and that he had threatened to reveal her identity to the media for financial gain.

We accept unreservedly that the allegations were incorrect and apologise to Flight Lieut Morris for the distress, damage and embarrassment caused to him. We have paid him damages and his legal costs.

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