Video of Jon Stewart poking fun at Diamond Jubilee coverage goes viral

Jun 5, 2012

US comedian finds something to laugh at as Piers Morgan gets excited over a boat turning

A VIDEO in which the US comedian Jon Stewart mercilessly ribs CNN’s TV coverage of Sunday’s Diamond Jubilee flotilla has gone viral in the UK, perhaps striking a chord with people who found the BBC’s coverage similarly lacking in depth.

Highlights of the video (below) include Stewart poking fun at the CNN commentary team - which included former Mirror editor Piers Morgan - getting overexcited about the Queen’s barge performing a 360-degree turn.

The appalling British summer weather, inevitably, also gets a mention in the clip from the Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

The general amusement with which the video has been received in the UK suggests a similar treatment of the BBC coverage might be in order for an enterprising comedian.

On Sunday, critics took to Twitter to poke fun at the BBC’s commentary, with Jonathan Ross comparing it to one of the corporation’s infamously low-brow evening shows: “Was it just me or did the Beeb’s coverage of the Jubilee Big Boat Challenge feel like a 5-hour episode of the One Show?”

Stephen Fry, meanwhile, asked: “Has the BBC ever presented a more mind-numbingly tedious programme in its history?”

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The flotilla was a lovely occasion - people enjoying themselves and thanking the Queen for sixty years service. What intrigued me was the BBC assembling four individuals in a cabin to talk incoherently about nothing: Maureen Lipmann, Sandi Toksvig, and the normally entertaining Griff Rhys-Jones and Omid Djallili. After two minutes even the BBC had had enough and trained their cameras elsewhere. We enjoy HMS Pinafore - this lot was HMS Pinko. 

The Highlights programme was the one to watch.

It wasn't just mind numbing it was astonishing in the impoverished quality of the presenters, from the moronic female who thinks the coronation was in 1952 to a raddled looking Anneke Rice interviewing artists on the wobbly bridge.
The whole thing was so awful.