'Drunk' businessman takes on Tube escalator - video

Nov 14, 2012

Footage of a traveller walking the wrong way down a London Underground escalator goes viral

FOOTAGE of an apparently drunk, but doggedly determined, businessman trying to walk the wrong way down an escalator on the London Underground has become an internet hit.

The footage, which lasts for more than two minutes, shows the man, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, plodding along at the top of the 'up' escalator at Tottenham Court Road Tube station

The star of the clip appears completely unaware that he is going the wrong way, even though he never gets anywhere as he battles against the staircase.

Even streams of passengers coming the other way fail to dent his enthusiasm for the task. Some of the travellers appear amused by his attempts to head down the escalator, others seem rather less pleased to find him blocking their way.

One of the travellers takes pity on him and tries several times to explain the error of his ways. But he simply ignores her efforts to get him off the escalator and ploughs on in the wrong direction.

Eventually a growing band of passers-by decide to take action and press the emergency stop button before guiding the confused man away.

The clip was apparently filmed on Friday night, but it is not known what became of businessman and how he got home.

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