UK passport

UK passport delays: how long does an application take?

Briefing Mon 6 Oct, AT 13:15

Everything you need to know about UK passport delays and how to fast-track your application

London beats New York as most appealing city to work

One-Minute Read Mon 6 Oct, AT 10:01

London is only UK city in top 15, while the US has three cities highly desirable to foreign workers

Brenda Leyland

McCann family 'troll' found dead after Sky interview

One-Minute Read Mon 6 Oct, AT 09:36

63-year-old Brenda Leyland was alleged to have abused the parents of missing girl Madeleine via Twitter

Computer hackers

Police 'struggling to cope' with child abuse cases

One-Minute Read Fri 3 Oct, AT 09:51

A vast number of child abuse images and too few specialist officers has led to a backlog of seized computers

David Miller, Hannah Witheridge

Thailand murders: DNA match found for two Burmese men

One-Minute Read Fri 3 Oct, AT 09:47

Two suspects have admitted to murdering Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on Koh Tao, say Thailand police

David Cameron at British base in Cyprus

David Cameron: UK paid 'heavy price' in Afghanistan

One-Minute Read Fri 3 Oct, AT 09:14

PM makes surprise visits to Cyprus and Kabul, where he met new Afghan president Ashraf Ghani

David Cameron

Tories reveal plans to break ties with human rights court

First Reaction Fri 3 Oct, AT 09:05

Conservatives to scrap Human Rights Act and seize power from Europe if they win the next election

Nick Griffin: Twitter reacts to former BNP leader's expulsion

One-Minute Read Thu 2 Oct, AT 14:03

A round-up of the best reaction on Twitter to Nick Griffin's departure from the BNP

Prince George in his birthday portrait

Prince George: photographer told to stop 'harassing' royal baby

One-Minute Read Thu 2 Oct, AT 13:53

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take legal steps after suspicions that Prince George is 'under surveillance'