UK border control

EU migrants contribute £20bn to UK economy, study finds

One-Minute Read Wed 5 Nov, AT 09:19

University College London study finds that European migrants pay out more in taxes than they receive in benefits

Factory Worker

Holiday pay ruling: what it means for you

Briefing Tue 4 Nov, AT 11:12

Employees could receive thousands in back-dated pay but small businesses warn they could go under

Computer hackers

Google and Facebook ‘aiding terrorists,’ says new GCHQ chief

One-Minute Read Tue 4 Nov, AT 10:05

The big tech companies must work with governments to stop terrorists, says head of UK spy agency

Ann Maguire

William Cornick, 16, admits murdering Ann Maguire

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Nov, AT 16:13

Schoolboy William Cornick fatally stabbed his Spanish teacher in the back and throat during class

A tax disc is displayed on a car in London

Road tax changes: what you need to know about the new system

Briefing Mon 3 Nov, AT 13:49

The long-serving paper tax disc is no more. Here's how the new road tax system works

Merkel ready to let UK exit EU over migration rule changes

One-Minute Read Mon 3 Nov, AT 11:04

Ministers 'to draw up German-compliant package' after Chancellor Angela Markel issues warning

A person holds one pound coins

Living wage rises to £7.85, but 5 million workers still underpaid

Briefing Mon 3 Nov, AT 10:10

Support for the living wage increases, but campaigners say more must be done for working families

Is now the right time to buy a house?

Briefing Fri 31 Oct, AT 13:48

As Britain prepares for a fall in house prices, here's why it might still be a good time to buy

Firework factory fire

Two people missing in firework factory fire – video

One-Minute Read Fri 31 Oct, AT 11:00

Police have arrested a man in connection with the blaze as the search for the missing people continues