In The Week magazine: The secrets of the dark web

Brief Fri 8 Nov, AT 12:51

How even the NSA can't stop us getting our hands on 'bad stuff'

John Lewis 2013 Christmas ad: will it be a hit? - video

Video Fri 8 Nov, AT 12:21

Store has a lot riding on two-minute ad featuring song by Lily Allen and two animated critters

Remembrance Day poppies 'obscene fashion appendage'

Talking Point Fri 8 Nov, AT 11:57

The 'Great and Good' afraid not to wear one, but red poppies 'mock the dead', writes Robert Fisk

Spy chiefs grilled: PR exercise or triumph for transparency?

Talking Point Fri 8 Nov, AT 11:10

Forget Skyfall, the real spy chiefs had 'soundbites at the ready' when quizzed in public for first time

Al-Qaida 'lapping up' reports of Snowden leaks says MI6 boss

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 16:19

Media coverage of leaked documents is making work of British spies 'far, far harder' MPs are told

Russell Brand row: Nick Clegg takes aim at 'sneering' Paxman

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 14:56

Deputy Prime Minister wades into political debate prompted by comedian on BBC Two's Newsnight

'Population bomb': can Britain cope with more immigration?

Talking Point Thu 7 Nov, AT 13:35

Don't panic, says statistician, amid calls for border controls to deal with soaring population

Tim Berners-Lee: NSA spying is 'betrayal' of world wide web

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 09:31

Computer scientist speaks out as heads of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 prepare to answer MPs' surveillance questions

BAE job losses Q&A: why is shipbuilding so political?

Briefing Wed 6 Nov, AT 11:15

1,800 jobs are to go as BAE ends shipbuilding in Portsmouth and cuts Glasgow operations