Ed Balls/Nick Clegg love-in: laying ground for new coalition

Fri 10 Jan, AT 10:08 The Mole

Labour missed a trick in 2010: now they're taking Lib Dems seriously in case it proves necessary

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan jury given police protection after 'vile' abuse

One-Minute Read Fri 10 Jan, AT 09:16

Ten jurors granted anonymity and protection due to 'unprecedented' hostility at Royal Courts of Justice

Viviane Reding: British public fed 'myths' about immigration

First Reaction Fri 10 Jan, AT 08:51

Brussels official wants a 'United States of Europe’ but is she unintentionally helping Ukip win votes?

Criado-Perez: why did Twitter troll pair make rape threats?

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Jan, AT 13:06

Isabella Sorley and John Nimmo admit to sending abusive messages to feminist campaigner last year

Mark Duggan inquest: police must regain the public’s trust

Thu 9 Jan, AT 10:05 Robert Chesshyre

30 years ago the public would have had no problem believing the police version of events. Not any more

Boris Johnson wants water cannon for London streets

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Jan, AT 09:44

The mayor of London proposes to fund the controversial purchase in case of future riots

Did birds cause US helicopter to crash in Norfolk marshland?

One-Minute Read Thu 9 Jan, AT 09:20

Experts say bird may have been sucked into engines of low-flying Pave Hawk before it plummeted to ground

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan inquest: what the jury had to decide

Briefing Thu 9 Jan, AT 07:55

Inquest jury heard evidence that police marksman was mistaken over order of shots

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan: jury says killing by police was 'lawful'

First Reaction Wed 8 Jan, AT 16:39

Killing of 29 year-old whose death sparked London riots was lawful even though he wasn't holding gun when shot