Push to relax fox hunting law to allow 'full pack' of hounds

First Reaction Mon 14 Oct, AT 11:28

Farmers demand measures to stop foxes killing lambs, but change to 2004 act would ignite 'furious debate'

Royal Mail

Royal Mail: shares surge as trading begins

One-Minute Read Fri 11 Oct, AT 15:07

Conditional trading starts today but anyone who applied for more than £10,000 won't get a thing

In The Week magazine: Voting rules and the US shutdown

Brief Fri 11 Oct, AT 14:03

The connection between electoral law and the failure of compromise is little-discussed - but crucial

Gay refugees resort to filming sex acts to gain asylum in UK

One-Minute Read Fri 11 Oct, AT 13:20

Gay and lesbian asylum seekers being forced to 'prove' sexuality, according to report from MPs

Julian Assange attacks Wikileaks film in letter to Cumberbatch

One-Minute Read Thu 10 Oct, AT 11:59

Assange calls Cumberbatch a ‘hired gun’ and accuses Fifth Estate film of ‘distorting events’

New Immigration Bill: what are ministers proposing?

Summary Thu 10 Oct, AT 10:35

'Tough' new laws would make it harder for illegal immigrants to live, drive and bank in the UK

Royal Mail Q&A: who will own the privatised mail service?

Briefing Thu 10 Oct, AT 09:21

Thousands of investors likely to miss out after Royal Mail shares hugely over-subscribed


Passenger lands in shower of sparks after pilot collapses

One-Minute Read Wed 9 Oct, AT 10:32

Cheers in control room as passenger with no flying experience is 'talked down' by two instructors

E-borders Q&A: why scheme is 'failing to stop terror suspects'

Briefing Wed 9 Oct, AT 10:04

Government e-borders scheme only monitoring two-thirds of people coming in and out of the UK

Edward Snowden leaks 'gift' to terrorists says MI5 chief

First Reaction Wed 9 Oct, AT 09:34

Andrew Parker says NSA whistleblower has caused 'enormous damage' to efforts to thwart jihadists