George Osborne: more cuts to come in 'year of hard truths'

One-Minute Read Mon 6 Jan, AT 08:40

Spending must be cut permanently in order to bring taxes down, the chancellor will say

Nick Griffin BNP

Nick Griffin bankrupt, but BNP leader will stand as an MEP

One-Minute Read Fri 3 Jan, AT 11:28

Party leader confirms bankruptcy, but says he'll stand for re-election and is writing booklet on debt

Scrapping Britain's National Census would be a disaster

Fri 3 Jan, AT 10:32 The Conversation

Francis Maude says it's expensive and inaccurate. Wrong on both counts, says Michael Harloe

557 job cuts in flood protection: bad timing for Owen Paterson

Fri 3 Jan, AT 10:14 The Mole

As Cobra meets to discuss flooding, Environment Secretary is left in deep water by predecessor


UK considers huge US-style jail terms to avoid 'whole-life' ban

One-Minute Read Thu 2 Jan, AT 12:53

Jailing worst offenders for 'hundreds' of years could be solution to ECHR ban on whole-life tariffs

Liam Fox

Don't ring-fence budget of 'wasteful' NHS says senior Tory

One-Minute Read Thu 2 Jan, AT 10:35

Fox says cash won't solve NHS' problems and Tory manifesto shouldn't promise to protect budget

EU migrants: No 'influx' from Romania as controls lifted

First Reaction Thu 2 Jan, AT 09:02

Press and MPs accused of 'xenophobia' and 'hysteria' as 'stampede' of EU migrants fails to materialise

Twerking to dinosaur erotica: unexpected trends of 2013

Briefing Sat 28 Dec, AT 08:27

Few cultural commentators would have predicted these crazes, which gripped the public imagination in 2013

Alan Turing

Alan Turing pardon: 'fitting tribute' or 'meaningless' gesture

First Reaction Tue 24 Dec, AT 11:20

Royal pardon for Enigma codebreaker convicted over gay relationship is criticised by activists

Five dead, thousands stranded as wild storms lash Britain

One-Minute Read Tue 24 Dec, AT 09:37

The Christmas getaway has 'ground to a halt' after storms disrupt rail, sea and air services