Jimmy Savile's sex victims as young as eight, reports shows

Police and NSPCC reveal full extent of sex crimes committed by one of UK's most prolific sex offenders

LAST UPDATED AT 10:22 ON Fri 11 Jan 2013

A REPORT into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal released this morning reveals that the TV personality abused children as young as eight and even preyed on one victim at a Leeds hospice.

The joint report by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC is called Giving Victims a Voice and shows what has been discovered about Savile since the police investigation, Operation Yewtree, was launched three months ago.

The 30-page document paints a picture of a man decribed by police as one of the country's worst predatory sex offenders. As The Times reports, it expands on allegations already in the public domain.

The report contains detail on:

How many crimes he is suspected of... Last year it was revealed that there had been 450 complaints against Savile, who died at the age of 84 in 2011. The report details 34 allegations of rape and penetration. 

Where the alleged attacks were committed... Three hospitals have already been named - Stoke Mandeville, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital. The report adds the Great Ormond Street children's hospital in London and the Wheatfields Hospice in Leeds. The BBC's Television Centre is also named. 

Who he preyed on... The report reveals that Savile has been accused of attacking children as young as eight in 214 crimes recorded across 28 different police force areas.

Why he was never caught... "The number of institutions identified in the inquiry raises the spectre of a systemic failure that spread into every corner of British society," says The Guardian. The report highlights "a cultural shift in attitudes between today and 30 years ago, when a blind eye was turned to such activity with children and young people and victims were not listened to".

Today also sees the publication of a review by the Crown Prosecution Service into a decision made in 2009 not to charge Savile with sexual offences after investigations by police in Surrey and Sussex. · 

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no idea if these allegations are true but several things strike me: the fact that over 500 people never reported these alleged crimes ,the Guardian's claptrap about a 'cultural shift' (Guardian hacks must never have read the News of The World with it's ravenous appetite for sex tales & celebrities) and how did the Met investigate over 500 allegations?. It just isn't possible in the time it took. Did they just act as stenographers recording every claim?.

Just watched the BBC news and it simply reported JS as a criminal. I'm not wishing to defend the man, however it does seem rather convenient that he's dead thus allowing investigators to heap unproven and uncontested crimes upon him (as OscarM points out), and also opening the door to "victims" who have lain quiet for so long to direct their newly found legal rights towards the various deep-pocketed entities that "failed" to protect them - again, the BBC had a talking head referring to vicarious liability...

....and a somewhat awkward performance from Esther Rantzen, speaking on behalf of Childline yet distancing herself from the era, whilst she pops up on another channel promoting no-win-no-fee lawyers.

I despair.

These accusers are NOT victims! They remain accusers until Jimmy Savile rises from the dead to face them and to admit (or deny) these, as yet, unproven allegations.

It horrifies me how quickly and how easily the media, the law enforcement agencies and the legal establishment have judged Savile guilty, post mortem. The man was, admittedly, somewhat eccentric (and, yes, unsavoury) but he is now quite unable to defend his name.

In a bygone age he would have been burnt at the stake as a warlock - think about it.

I lived in Leeds for some time in the eighties. One of the biggest open secrets was Jimmy's preference for girls aged 11 to 13. Another of these secrets was his car driving round the ring road in the early hours with young girls and him inthe back of it. Back then, these were rumour's but fairly common knowledge. When I heard about this, I asked, I cannot remember who, why nothing was done?. The answer was simple, it's Jimmy Saville, who's going to believe it! So, yes he's dead and can't defend himself but there is plenty of proof of previous accusations that were just swept under the table. Back then, someone should have maybe said there's no smoke without fire but I have never personally subscribed to that sort of bull. It should however have been investigated. Here's another form of abuse, child slave labour. What about the 'Diddymen'? I met some of those orphan kids at Flamborough back in the 70's. They told me they got squat, zilch, da-nada for doing it, other than a free break and food provided. Then there's Bernardo's, they had a terrible rep within the Mental Health community back in the eighties. Maybe they are only rumour's also but I am not so sure. What I do believe is, even if it comes out late, the truth will out and hopefully help those who were wronged to get some closure on a sad part of their lives. If only one person so benefits, it is worth it.

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