JK Rowling joins stars divided over Scottish independence

Jun 11, 2014

Harry Potter author supports No vote, donating £1m to Alistair Darling's Better Together campaign


JK Rowling has thrown her support behind the campaign against Scottish independence, donating £1m to Better Together. Her donation is the largest single gift given to the Better Together campaign, run by former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling. In a statement on her website, Rowling, who has lived in Scotland for 21 years, said she came to the question of independence with an "open mind" but the more she listened to the Yes campaign, the more she worried about its "minimisation and even denial of risks". The Harry Potter author is one of several celebrities to publically declare their views on the future of Scotland:

No to Scottish independence

David Tennant

"I had no great sense of nationalism when I was in Scotland, and I could never understand why the SNP were banging on about it. I was like, why do we want to become smaller? Surely we want to expand and look outward? Let's go into Europe and be one big happy family!"

JK Rowling

"This separation will not be quick and clean: it will take microsurgery to disentangle three centuries of close interdependence, after which we will have to deal with three bitter neighbours."

Billy Connolly

"I don't believe in having more layers of government that ordinary people will have to pay for. I think it's time for people to get together, not split apart."

Rod Stewart

"I'd hate to see the Union broken after all these years — and I don't think it will happen."

Emma Thompson

"Why insist on building a new border between human beings in an ever-shrinking world where we are still struggling to live alongside each other?"

Yes to Scottish independence

Sean Connery

"As a Scot and as someone with a lifelong love for both Scotland and the arts, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss."

Irvine Welsh

"I'm totally for independence, totally. I think everyone is, even the unionists. It's the process which is being argued about, not the principle."

Alan Cumming 

"The Yes campaign for Scottish independence is, to me, the epitome of hope, optimism and positivity and I believe that independence is best for Scotland."

Brian Cox

"This whole argument has nothing to do with the pound. It’s not about any of these things they say are important; it's about the Scottish people trying to join up the dots back to the Treaty of Arbroath, and trying to get back to egalitarian principles, which is so present in the Scottish character."

Frankie Boyle
Frankie Boyle on Never Mind The Buzzcocks

"It's an 'aye' from me, man."

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Sorry JK but for someone who has worked for everything you have you have a very shallow vision,YES is about creating a better future for our children and grandchildren,that's not a worry if you are filthy rich,Scotland can be a great country again ,not just a small part of a UK that is becoming increasingly irrelevant and Mr Tennant bear in mind that "little England" May well be leaving the EU so your point is mute.