Sobs as Stephen Lawrence's friend tells of fatal attack

Nov 17, 2011

Tears at the Old Bailey as Duwayne Brooks gives evidence despite death of his father

THE BEST friend of Stephen Lawrence reduced the Old Bailey to tears today as he explained what happened in the attack that killed the black teenager at a bus stop in Eltham in 1993.
Duwayne Brooks insisted on giving evidence at the murder trial of Gary Dobson and David Norris even though his father had died the night before.
He told the jury how Lawrence was surrounded by a group of white youths who had shouted racist insults and set upon him with a "foot-long" knife
In The Times, David Brown reports: "Sobs could be heard in the packed Old Bailey courtroom as he described how Stephen, confused and fatally wounded, ran after him while repeatedly asking what was wrong with him."
Brooks said: "We were running, but he kept saying to me, 'What's wrong?' as he couldn't run properly. Blood was streaming out around his neck and through his jacket."
"I was frightened that these guys could come back round. He kept asking me, I just said, 'Just run, please run.' He said to me one more time, 'Duwayne', and his voice was all funny and he fell at the tree."
At one point Brooks broke down crying in the witness box. He was asked if he wanted to take a break but replied: "No, I want to say what happened."
In The Guardian, Sandra Laville and Vikram Dodd report: "In the moments afterwards the court sat in silence. Members of the press wiped away tears; one woman in the public gallery hugged her daughter to her."
Sara Nelson in The Daily Mail explained that Dobson and Norris "were charged after a forensic breakthrough in 2008 when scientists launched a cold case review of exhibits seized when they were arrested during the original investigation in 1993."
The two men deny murder.

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