Michael Phelps tipped as Tarzan in Brit director's film

From the Sunday papers: from Olympic swimmer's post-retirement acting plans to Fifty Shades's lazy readers

LAST UPDATED AT 12:12 ON Sun 12 Aug 2012

HE ANNOUNCED his retirement after winning his 18th Olympic gold at the London 2012 games. Now US giant of swimming Michael Phelps is tipped for a surprising new career move: playing Tarzan in a new film by David Yates. It's not confirmed, says The Sunday Times, but there is a precedent: Johnny Weissmuller, who won five Olympic golds for swimming in the 1920s and played Tarzan 12 times…

HER PARTNER, 75-year-old QC Anthony Alridge has left her to live with a paralegal 50 years his junior but Constance Briscoe, 55 - who was Britain's first black woman to become a judge - says he is the victim, not her. "I think … he is a victim of himself," she told The Sunday Telegraph. The paper also reveals that Alridge is still married to a wife he left 30 years ago, Enid…

WHAT SAUCE: The Mail on Sunday reveals that a volunteer who performed in the Olympic opening ceremony - throwing and catching apples dressed in bucolic garb - lived off the profits of a multi-million-pound ticket fraud perpetrated on the 2008 Beijing Games by her con-man husband Terence Shepherd. Margaret Canty-Shepherd was acquitted of abetting him and has been declared bankrupt…

BORIS JOHNSON was criticised for his rambling speech about wiff-waff and his hands-in-pockets slouch when he accepted the Olympic flag from China in Beijing four years ago. Now Rio's mayor, Eduardo Paes is about to accept the flag from Bojo and says he's "scared he'll do something crazy". Johnson's response? "I can't completely guarantee that I won't," warns The Sunday Times

IT IS a phenomenal bestseller, but data from a firm which makes ebook readers suggests that one in ten people who read EL James's erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey don't finish it - and the most popular passages are not the sex scenes but the less explicit parts. The data also shows that the book is far more popular with men than had been thought, claims the Mail on Sunday

COMIC AND former heroin user Russell Brand has said that prescribing methadone to addicts is pointless and "we might as well let people carry on taking drugs". Brand spoke to The Observer about his own addictions ahead of a BBC documentary he fronts about drugs. The garrulous comedian says users should be put on abstinence-based recovery programmes instead… · 

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