As Britain basks in sunshine, is it REALLY about to snow?

Mar 30, 2012

Well, yes, possibly – but you'll need to be up a mountain to see the white stuff falling

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AFTER a week of gloriously warm weather, sun-bathing Brits have been warned that the big chill is coming for the Easter holidays. But before salt starts selling out at the rate of unleaded petrol, is the UK really going to be covered with snow?
March has been the third warmest since records began 350 years ago with eight straight days of sunshine, reports the Daily Mail, with only 1938 and 1957 boasting higher temperatures than the 21 degrees centigrade seen today. "But snow is coming for Easter," warns the newspaper.
A cold front is indeed set to sweep away the high pressure, says MeteoGroup forecaster Clare Allen in The Daily Telegraph. It will carry rain and "the back edge" could turn to sleet or snow with wintry showers. However, she adds, this snow should be confined to Scotland and the northern hills of England.
Up to 10 to 15 cm of the white stuff is predicted for the Cairngorms on Monday 2 April and more snowy showers are likely to hit the Pennines by Tuesday morning.
But for the rest of the country, the weather looks a lot milder: with clouds, a little sunshine and patchy drizzle. In the coming days, the temperature in London is expected to dip to 14 degrees centigrade or so – a lot cooler, but nowhere near snowing conditions.
"This will feel like a shock for some people after the taste of summer in recent days," Met Office forecaster Dan Williams told the Metro.

Williams pointed out that there is nothing odd about this - it is statistically more likely to snow at Easter in Britain than at Christmas. "It's actually a return to normal weather for the time of year after the recent warm spell."

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I was just getting used to the sunshine r well bk to rain coats :(