'Beast from the East' to blast Britain with snow and icy winds

Dec 7, 2012
Anna McKie

After a mild weekend, Britain is due to be hit some of the worst weather in 20 years

A SIBERIAN wind, dubbed the 'Beast from the East', is set to batter Britain next week, bringing heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures to most of the country. It will be the worst winter weather in 20 years, says the Evening Standard.
A brief respite from the cold weather is expected this weekend before the bitterly cold winds blowing in from Russia and the East cause temperatures to plummet on Monday, making some parts of the country colder than the North Pole.

The North East will bear the brunt of the extreme weather: temperatures around Lincolnshire and Newcastle are likely to reach -12C, while London and its surrounding areas could drop as low as -6C.

Some parts of the country got an early taste of it this morning: many commuters in the North faced sleet and snow and temperatures of -7C.

Next week's freezing conditions are likely to disrupt flights and trains and make roads hazardous.

The Met Office has now issued a cold weather alert for the whole of England, warning people of the health impact of the freezing conditions. People are urged to check on older relatives and neighbours who face a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes and falling on ice.

The immediate forecast is for a mild weekend with clear skies across the county and warmer temperatures, reaching as high as 10C in some parts.

The cold wind will begin to be felt on Sunday night as the Beast from the East hits Britain with "lots of snow" and icy winds for the rest of the week.

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