Britain braced for weekend of snow as winter bites back

Feb 8, 2013

But things will be worse in America as major winter storm bears down on New York and Boston

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HOPES of an early spring appear forlorn as Britain braces itself for a weekend of heavy snow, freezing temperatures and transport chaos.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings from midnight on Saturday across large parts of the country due to the threat of up to 20cm of snow as a major weather front passes over the country.

However, forecasters are still not sure how bad it will be. "There is currently a lot of uncertainty about the extent of the rain, sleet and snow," said the Met Office. But it warned of "possible disruption, particularly to travel" on Sunday.

Sky News reports that snow will begin falling in Scotland today and will move south during the weekend. “A huge swathe of the country from Carlisle to Southampton could be covered and ice is possible on untreated surfaces," it reports. But it also claims that temperatures could reach nine degrees in Devon and Cornwall. 

The Daily Telegraph paints a bleak picture of the weekend's prospects and warns that scientists believe "Britain's winter freezes are getting colder and more frequent, with more bitter chills likely in winters ahead". The experts say high pressure over Siberia is to blame.

But it's not all doom and gloom. "Despite the wintry weather... there are signs of spring, with daffodil farmers readying the first flowering crops of the new year for harvest," says The Guardian.

And things certainly won't get as bad at they are in America, where east coast cities including New York and Boston are braced for a major winter storm that could deliver 60cm of snow. The Guardian reports that people have been warned not to venture out in the storm and that travel will become "extremely dangerous".

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