'I cried like a baby' says Woolwich accused Adebolajo

Jun 6, 2013

Lee Rigby murder suspect mocks judge's wig and stockings, complains about showing his 'privates'

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ONE of the men accused of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby has mocked a judge's appearance and complained about repeated attempts by prison officers to examine his genitals.

Michael Adebolajo – who has asked to be known as Mujaahid Abu Hamza – made a "series of outbursts" during an appearance at the Old Bailey yesterday. They came as his defence team argued successfully against any reporting restrictions on his case, The Sun reports.

The 28-year-old, who was appearing via videolink from Belmarsh prison, said he had complained after prison officers asked to strip-search him twice in one morning. "I said, 'I'm sick of this, it's only 10am and you want to see my privates twice. I'm a man, a soldier, a British citizen. I'm not used to people looking at my privates'."

Addressing himself to the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney, Adebolajo said "I have to interrupt you there as it's possible to say a brief comment. At no point today have I resisted anything. I don't want to lie — Allah loves the truth.

"At some point today I did resist, not physically, just verbally. I resisted when they requested to see my testicles and penis. They asked me yet again, 'Let me see your penis and nuts'."

Warming to his theme, Adebolajo said: He [a prison officer] said, 'To be honest I don't want to see your privates again but someone made a law where we have to look at your nuts again'. I say whoever made that law, he's a jobsworth.

"I admit, I cried like a baby," Adebolajo said. "But I did end up showing my private parts. My problem is that when people say the word 'Please' I find it difficult to resist. Just like when I'm in Tesco and pushing that trolley and I'm looking at the butter — Flora or Utterly Butterly — and I'm blocking the way. They say 'Please can you move' and I move."

Adebolajo interrupted the court again to insist he did not pose a danger and should not be handcuffed during the hearing.

"To be honest, these two guys [prison officers] know I don't need to be in handcuffs," he said. "This whole trial is about more than that. It's not about me, even though I play a major part in these proceedings. It's not even about the so-called judge.

Turning to Justice Sweeney, he said: "It's not about you, Mr Judge, with the wig and great gown and funny stockings."

When the judge ordered the accused's handcuffs to be removed, Adebolajo gave him a thumbs-up sign. "That man wearing the white wig, he had courage," he said.
Adebolajo continued to interrupt proceedings and the judge eventually cut the videolink.

Adebolajo and 22-year-old Michael Adebowale, will be back at the Old Bailey on 28 June for a preliminary hearing.

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...this "man" represents in the mind's eye all that is arrogant, immature and downright offensive in this once-great country of our's.

His colour is utterly irrelevant. He has adopted a "religion" (ie a creed of hate, envy and immaturity) which does not, it seems, condone or promote such acts of barbarity as he seeks to excuse and justify.

Unfortunately, our domestic Moslems, whose religion he has usurped, are less than vocal in their condemnation of his alleged crimes - until our own Moslems appear in the streets in the numbers that they can muster when airing their own grievances, in order to sincerely condemn this sort of act of barbarity, they will be tolerated, but not trusted, by the rest of society in Britain.

In what numbers did white english people come out on the streets to condemn the brutal murder of a 75 year old Muslim by a white suspected-edl guy in Birmingham? They didnt. In the same way its ridiculous for you to expect Muslims to be out on the streets when you want them to. Muslims have given press statements, public speeches and friday sermons at mosques around the country condemning it. That should be enough for reasonable people to see the actions of a few individuals do not represent the whole community. To argue otherwise shows your Islamaphobia.

Did they find out who murdered the 75 year old Muslim man? If not, how can it be assumed an EDL guy (or woman for that fact!) murdered him? So how can white people be expected to be out on the streets condemning the murder? Of course, it is a tragic thing and I feel for his family and friends. Unfortunately, the good Muslim majority do appear to be silent when most fanatical incidents happen in this country. I didn't see any Muslim marches condemning the rantings of radical preachers in this country????