Heavy Snow

Beast of the East and five other wacky weather names

Summary Tue 3 Feb, AT 14:53

From blood rain to a flying-cat tornado, dramatic weather nicknames are grabbing the headlines

Glasgow, snow

Snow blankets Britain: how long will cold snap last?

One-Minute Read Tue 3 Feb, AT 11:18

Plume of cold air, nicknamed 'Beast of the East', is expected to leave UK feeling colder than Greenland

Couple walk with their dog in a freezing morning in London

UK weather: how long is the 'big freeze' going to last?

One-Minute Read Mon 19 Jan, AT 11:29

Cold weather alert issued, warning vulnerable people to stay warm as low temperatures continue

12 months of wind, rain and wild weather

UK storm: Rail services cancelled due to hurricane force gales

One-Minute Read Fri 9 Jan, AT 09:13

Scotland faces widespread disruption as winds of up to 140mph leave thousands of homes without power

Stormy weather hits Blackpool as Hurricane Gonzalo reaches the UK

Hurricane Gonzalo: storm causes travel disruption

One-Minute Read Tue 21 Oct, AT 10:08

Met Office issues warning as flights are cancelled and roads are closed due to gale force winds

Has part of Comet Ison made it past the Sun?

Briefing Fri 29 Nov, AT 08:26

It was assumed lost last night, but scientists now believe part of the comet may have survived

Two days of summer sizzle, then rain and colder conditions

One-Minute Read Wed 4 Sep, AT 12:45

One of the best British summers of recent times may be about to bow out with two days of 30C heat

Britain on flood alert as storms signal end of the heatwave

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Jul, AT 14:29

Forget the sunshine: prepare for unpleasant humidity, heavy rain, flash floods and thunderstorms

Britain bakes, Met Office issues warning - but is it a heatwave?

Briefing Thu 18 Jul, AT 15:35

There's no end in sight to the hot temperatures as MPs call for workers to be sent home. Fat chance

Heatwave linked to deaths of soldiers in Brecon Beacons

One-Minute Read Mon 15 Jul, AT 12:14

MOD investigating if high temperatures caused death of men in 'full kit' taking part in SAS exercise