Barack Obama announced executive actions in the US

Executive orders: how a US president can rule by decree

Briefing Fri 21 Nov, AT 10:57

Republicans say Obama's immigration rules are illegal and should be overturned, but executive orders have a long history


Who killed JFK? 51 years of conspiracy theories

Briefing Thu 20 Nov, AT 13:14

It was the CIA, the KGB, aliens or an accident. Why three shots fired in Dallas still reverberate across America

US cuddle shop offers hugs and back rubs for the sad and lonely

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Nov, AT 12:03

Professional cuddler provides services to ease loneliness and depression at $60 per hour

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby rape allegations: downfall of an American hero

Thu 20 Nov, AT 03:44 Charles Laurence

As many as 13 women claim he gave them pills and alcohol and they woke up to find themselves violated

Ferguson, Missouri: is city on the brink of war?

One-Minute Read Wed 19 Nov, AT 15:52

Gun sales soar and National Guard put on standby as the grand jury nears verdict on Michael Brown killing

Charles Laurence

America’s super-rich give philanthropy a bad name

Tue 18 Nov, AT 09:26 Charles Laurence

Extravagant generosity – or desperate bid for status? Funding saga at Lincoln Center exposes the truth

Charles Laurence

Melt the planet: shock reality of Republicans’ midterm win

Wed 12 Nov, AT 07:44 Charles Laurence

Republicans plan to block, stymie or dismantle every proposal Obama has made to deal with climate change

How far-right Britain First has 'hijacked' remembrance poppy

First Reaction Mon 10 Nov, AT 15:50

Royal British Legion vows to 'take action' against the far-right party for misusing the red poppy symbol

US troops

US troop deployment marks 'new phase' in the fight against IS

One-Minute Read Mon 10 Nov, AT 09:56

The number of US soldiers in Iraq will double in 'phase two' of Obama's fight against Islamic State

Republican supporters in Colorado

US midterm elections: what next after Republican victory?

Briefing Wed 5 Nov, AT 11:27

Republican party overwhelms Democrats in a sweeping election victory across the United States