Train nearly hits two women in Bloomington, Indiana

Two women cheat death as train runs them over – video

Video Wed 30 Jul, AT 11:12

Trespassers survive with just a stubbed toe after attempting to outrun a 14,000-ton coal train

The CIA seal

Terrorism watchlist: secret US rules revealed

Briefing Fri 25 Jul, AT 15:37

Agencies don't need 'concrete facts' to label individuals terrorists – so how are people watchlisted?

A death chamber in Southern Ohio

Botched execution: Arizona prisoner takes two hours to die

Briefing Thu 24 Jul, AT 10:14

Another botched lethal injection reignites debate over 'experimental' drugs used to carry out death penalty

A man smokes a cigarette

Widow's $23bn tobacco win slammed as 'grossly excessive'

First Reaction Mon 21 Jul, AT 12:47

Cigarette company RJ Reynolds plans to challenge 'runaway verdict' for widow of Florida chain smoker

First mother charged under drug 'assault' law

First Reaction Tue 15 Jul, AT 15:09

New law criminalising drug use during pregnancy is 'well-intentioned' but dangerous, say doctors

A model depicting the aliens that were possibly found in Roswell

Roswell UFO crash: what really happened 67 years ago?

Briefing Mon 7 Jul, AT 14:26

The mysterious crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico is seen as the ultimate landmark event in UFO history

Independence Day in Michigan

Independence Day: what America celebrates on 4 July

Briefing Thu 3 Jul, AT 16:41

The significance of the Declaration of Independence, and why it should be celebrated two days earlier

Reflection of the Facebook logo

Was Facebook's 'creepy' study funded by the US military?

One-Minute Read Thu 3 Jul, AT 14:16

Confusion over military involvement, but the American military is already studying you

Hobby Lobby: the Supreme Court ruling that is dividing the US

Briefing Tue 1 Jul, AT 16:07

As corporations are given the right to religious freedom, Obama argues it 'jeopardises' women's health

Blackwater security employees

Blackwater manager told US investigator 'I could kill you'

One-Minute Read Mon 30 Jun, AT 14:01

American authorities were investigating Blackwater before notorious 2007 Iraq shootings