Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs exec slams ‘toxic’ bank in resignation letter

First Post Wed 14 Mar, AT 10:52

‘If you make enough money and are not an axe murderer you will be promoted,’ says ‘Jerry Maguire’ of Goldman

Black and tan

Ireland bemused as Nike releases 'Black and Tan' trainers

One-Minute Read Mon 12 Mar, AT 15:02

Sportswear giant names St Patrick's day trainers after notorious British paramilitary unit

Apple iPad

Apple iPad 3 gets launch date, and will there be an iPad mini?

First Post Tue 14 Feb, AT 15:23

Announcement expected in early March, but Chinese company moves to ban iPad sales


Project X at Googleplex hints at radical new product lines

One-Minute Read Mon 13 Feb, AT 15:27

Google's $120m refurbishment looks set to make it a hardware rival to Apple

Bonfire of the bonuses: is the party over for bankers?

First Post Wed 8 Feb, AT 16:38

After a tough year, investment banks are calling employees’ bluff and slashing bonuses and pay

Google on stock exchange

Past IPOs: will Facebook be a Google or a Netscape?

Deja Vu Thu 2 Feb, AT 12:35

With Facebook about to float, what can similar companies' experiences teach us?

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Facebook IPO: is social network really worth $100bn?

First Post Wed 1 Feb, AT 15:51

As Mark Zuckerberg prepares to take his company public there are fears it could be a damp squib

iSnobs baffled as Dixons boss takes over Apple stores

First Post Tue 31 Jan, AT 12:56

John Browett poached by Tim Cook for his focus on customer service - but Apple faithful are sceptical

Steve Jobs

Cultish, paranoid and scary: Apple's winning formula

Briefing Thu 19 Jan, AT 15:04

'Inside Apple' reveals Cupertino to be like a terrorist organisation where loose talk is terminal

Returning Lloyds boss recalls sleep deprivation 'torture'

One-Minute Read Fri 16 Dec, AT 12:11

Antonió Horta-Osório will return to Lloyds after a two-month medical leave of absence