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US elections 2012

Barack Obama

$64,000 question: can Obama avoid becoming a lame-duck?

Talking Point
Thu 8 Nov, AT 09:09

No shortage of advice for re-elected president as 'fiscal cliff' approaches and Wall St shows its lack of belief

Momentum returns to Obama: is it all over bar the insults?

Mon 5 Nov, AT 09:37
Charles Laurence

Analysis of the all-important Electoral College votes points to President Obama winning tomorrow

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

Will Clinton do a Clint Eastwood at Obama’s convention?

Media Watch
Mon 3 Sep, AT 07:53

It all depends on who you believe on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina

'Draft Hillary': attempt to push Obama aside looks serious

Wed 21 Dec, AT 08:31
Charles Laurence

Robocall campaign aimed at US women who have supported Hill before with votes and/or cash