Piers Morgan fires a Browning M2 machine gun - video

Feb 6, 2013

Morgan, a vocal advocate of stricter US gun laws, asks 'Why would any civilian need one of these?'

PIERS MORGAN, an outspoken advocate for gun control since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead, has visited a Texas firing range and tested a powerful Browning machine gun.

As part of a series of programmes investigating gun laws in America, Morgan, dressed in a smart blue suit, fired a Browning M2 machine gun, a model used by the US military since World War II.

The fully automatic gun, which fires 900 rounds per minute, can be bought legally in the US because it was made before 1986. Assault weapons made after that year are banned by law.

The former Daily Mirror editor's outspoken views on gun control have led to a petition to deport him and an ugly shouting match with gun advocate Alex Jones on Morgan's CNN show. 

After shooting the weapon, Morgan asks a gun range official: "Why would any civilian need one of these?" The answer: "This is an investment. I purchased one of these for about $12,000 and sold it for $45,000."

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Ya its easy to set one of these up, sit down, ask the bad guys to line up and fire without taking down a wall inside your house, whilst being robbed.