Christopher Dorner manhunt: police hunt 'Rambo' cop killer

Feb 8, 2013

'Armed and dangerous' fugitive thought to be hiding in woods near California’s Big Bear ski resort

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POLICE hunting former Los Angeles officer Christopher Dorner, described as a Rambo-style fugitive bent on causing carnage, have locked down the southern California ski resort of Big Bear amid fears he is out to murder more cops.

The 33-year-old, who was fired by LAPD in 2009, is alleged to have killed three people so far - a couple in Orange County shot dead at the weekend and a former police colleague gunned down on Thurday in an attack that left two others wounded.

It has now emerged that Dorner also posted a 6,000 word "manifesto" on Facebook in which he promised to revenge those he blamed for his sacking, and sent a sinister package to a CNN presenter Anderson Cooper detailing his vendetta.

According to The Independent, the parcel, which only came to light on Thursday, "contained a note, a DVD and a bullet hole-riddled memento, thought to be a LAPD gold coin with bullet holes fired into it".

Dorner has alleged racism, cover-ups and corruption within the LAPD and said police were still as bigoted as in "Rodney King days", referring to the incident of police brutality that led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

The LA Times says Dorner’s attacks have rattled police in California. "As the scope of Christopher Jordan Dorner's ambitions sank in Thursday, thousands of police hunted him and waited, on edge, as he seemed determined to hunt them," said the paper. It described Dorner as "a linebacker-sized ex-cop with a multitude of firearms, military training and a seemingly bottomless grudge born when the LAPD fired him".

Dorner's burnt out pick-up truck was discovered in Big Bear on Thursday, prompting an invasion of SWAT teams who have been going door-to-door as they hunt him.

"Surveillance aircraft buzzed overhead and police in tactical gear and carrying rifles patrolled mountain roads in convoys of SUVs, while others stood guard along major intersections," the LA Times reported.

Dorner is considered "armed and extremely dangerous", said CBS this morning. It said that officers from ten different police departments and official bodies, including the LAPD and US Forest Service, had searched the countryside around the resort all night, without success.

Many have been quick to compare Dorner to Sylvester Stallone's fictional fugitive John Rambo, and one Vietnam veteran told French newspaper Metro that he seemed to be on "a mission to cause Rambo-type carnage".

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Big Bear ski resort? Heck, if Dorner was really affer cops he wouldn't be near any kind of ski resort. He'd be hanging out close to donut shops and 7-11 stores.