'Rappin for Jesus' makes Pastor Jim a YouTube star - video

Feb 12, 2013

Video of an Iowa preacher reaching out to the 'kids on the street' has gone viral - but is it for real?

A MIDDLE-AGED white American pastor Jim Colerick and his wife, Mary Sue, have become internet starlets after a video called Rappin' for Jesus was uploaded to YouTube. 

In the video, Colerick raps: "If you want to reach those kids on the street, then you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat". At one stage he says: "Jesus Christ is my n****" before Mary Sue appears, exuding what she calls "a little Christian swag".

The video clip was uploaded by Brian Spinney, who claims he filmed it for Colerick while he was in high school in Iowa. The video looks as if it was made a decade or more ago, but Reddit users and YouTube commenters suspect it might be a recently-made parody.

Many noted that Spinney's YouTube account was created on 15 January 2013 - the same day the website for the West Dubuque 2nd Church Of Christ, which according to the video is Pastor Jim’s church, was registered.

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The church here being claimed closed its doors in 1994. The man in this video was never a preacher there nor was he a member! Instead of reporting second hand garbage, how about actually investigating and reporting what is true!