Christopher Dorner: body found in cabin after 'rambo' gunfight

Feb 13, 2013

Manhunt ends as remains of man thought to be fugitive cop-killer discovered after fire at mountain cabin

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FUGITIVE ex-cop Christopher Dorner is believed to be dead after a last stand against 200 law enforcement officers at a mountain cabin in California ended with the death of a deputy sheriff and a huge fire.

The LA Times has now confirmed that a human body was discovered in the wreckage of the burnt-out cabin near the Big Bear ski resort. It is thought to be that of Dorner.

During the stand-off on Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of rounds of ammunition were fired, one deputy was shot dead and another was badly injured. Tear gas was fired into the cabin and police used loudspeakers to urge the fugitive to surrender.

The building where the gunman was holed up was surrounded by "law enforcement personnel in military-style gear and armed with high-powered weapons", reported the LA Times. SWAT teams began to demolish the building, tearing down the walls of the cabin "one by one, like peeling an onion," said a law enforcement official.

It was then that a single shot was heard from within the cabin and flames began to spread through the structure.

The drama unfolded at lunchtime on Tuesday when a man matching Dorner's description was spotted by a Fish and Wildlife officer. The suspect fled, opening fire as he went.

It had earlier been reported that two maids stumbled across the fugitive in a vacant property in Big Bear. It was reported that he took them hostage and tied them up before fleeing in a pick-up truck. After he left one managed to free herself and raise the alarm.

The gunfight appears to bring to an end the week-long manhunt. It began when Dorner, who was fired by the LAPD in 2008, emerged as the chief suspect in the murders of three people, including a former police officer, earlier this month. The extent of his grudge against the LAPD was made clear in a 'manifesto' posted on Facebook.

Dorner's burnt-out pick-up truck was discovered in Big Bear last week and officials in LA had offered a $1m reward for information leading to his arrest.

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