Retailer in hot water over kettle that looks like Hitler

May 28, 2013

Pictures of billboard showing JC Penney kettle go viral after motorists notice 'Fuhrer's side-parting'

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A US company has landed itself in hot water by advertising a new kettle with an image that some people say bears a striking resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

The kettle began to get talked about after the American retail giant JC Penney erected a billboard advertising the new device over the 405 Interstate highway in Culver City, Los Angeles. Several people noticed that the image on the 10ft tall and 36ft wide billboard bore a strong resemblance to the German despot. Passers-by took photographs and posted them online.

Now, everyone is talking about the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, says the Daily Mirror, but "for all the wrong reasons". The paper says the grip on the $40 kettle's handle looks like the "Fuhrer's side parting", the lid could be his moustache and the spout could also resemble a Nazi salute.

As the pictures went viral, people took to Twitter to express their disbelief at the apparent similarities between the kettle and the wartime leader. "Kettle that looks like Hitler brews trouble for JCPenney," wrote a user called Theo Spark.

"I saw this yesterday and my boyfriend told me I was crazy. Now I feel better that I'm not the only one who saw this," a user called 4lavalencia said on Reddit.

So far, JC Penney has made no comment on its controversial kettle.

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Ironic that so many freaks are complaining that a kettle looks like Adolph Hitler (?) and what do the media do? Print pictures of him!!

Has western society become so trivial & ephemeral in thought that it resembles the islamists who had a soft ice cream product removed from sale because the twirl looked vaguely like arabic script for the syllable 'aL'?

this is one of the most stupid comments i've read in a long time, well done! :)

Seriously? It's a kettle. Get over yourselves! Also, I don't think Hitler is the only person in history to have this hairstyle.