Jackson manslaughter doctor reaches out to daughter Paris

Jun 7, 2013

'If there's anything I can do to solve your pain - I am here for you,' says doctor in jail over Jacko's death

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THE DOCTOR who gave Michael Jackson a fatal dose of the anaesthetic propofol in a bid to help the pop star sleep, and is serving a four-year prison term for involuntary manslaughter as a result, has told his daughter Paris Jackson: "I don't know if there's anything I can do to solve your pain or help you with your problem. But I wanted you to know that I am here for you."

The message from Dr Conrad Murray came as 15-year-old Paris recovered in a Los Angeles hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. She reportedly cut her forearm with a kitchen cleaver, took several pills and called a suicide helpline who alerted the authorities.

Murray has been in prison since November 2011 when, after deliberating for eight hours, a jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The conviction came more than two years after Jackson's death on 25 June 2009.

Murray used a prison pay phone at the Los Angeles County Jail to send a "letter" to Jackson's daughter. In the audio obtained by TMZ.com, as well as telling Paris he is there for her, he can be heard saying:

"I always will be available to listen to you, answer your questions or to share with you the plethora of beautiful and favorite untold stories of your father's. As well as his venerable thoughts of you that he has shared with me."

Murray refers to the Michael Jackson song You Are Not Alone and tells Paris that father loved her "beyond any explanation". He adds: "I too love you as a precious father loves his own child, and I always will."

According to latest reports, Paris Jackson remains on a "72-hour psychiatric hold" at West Hills hospital in Los Angeles for evaluation.

Among possible reasons put forward for her apparent attempt to end her life is that AEG Live, the entertainment company the Jackson family is suing for negligence for hiring Conrad Murray, says it can prove that Michael Jackson is not actually Paris's father.

The Daily Mail says she was "terrified" anyway by the prospect of having to testify in the lawsuit against AEG. Then the entertainment giant "dropped the bombshell" that it has "irrefutable proof" that Jackson is not the biological father of Paris or her brother Prince.

Lawyers for the Jackson family have argued that the paternity issue is irrelevant, and that AEG is just seeking to embarrass the family.

The Mail says: "It would be a heavy blow for troubled Paris to discover, in public, that her beloved father — whom she movingly proclaimed at his funeral as the 'best Daddy in the world' — was actually not her father after all."

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