Mother bear's desperate bid to rescue trapped cub - video

Jul 24, 2013

It takes human intervention to help a family of bears in California get out of trouble

A MOTHER bear's frantic attempts to free her cub from a California garbage container have been captured on video.
The bear and her two cubs were scavenging for food in Azusa, Los Angeles County, when the container lid slammed shut, imprisoning one cub inside.

The clip shows the mother and the other cub desperately trying to get the lid open – but in vain.   
Eventually, a ranger from the California Fish and Wildlife department arrives on the scene. He uses his siren to shoo the bears away and then opens the garbage container, saying afterwards that he could hear the cub inside "pleading" for help.
Moments later the trapped bear cub emerges, rubbish dangling from one of his ears.

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