Is Mark Kessler America's scariest cop? - video

Jul 24, 2013

Gun-loving, expletive-uttering police chief keeps his job despite string of 'threatening' videos

MARK KESSLER has been branded America's scariest police chief after "disturbing" videos of him blasting a tree with a machine gun and firing a pistol at a picture of a congresswoman emerged on YouTube.

Kessler is a small town chief of police – he works in the tiny borough of Gilberton, a hamlet of less than 1,000 people in eastern Pennsylvania – but he makes a big impression. He reportedly carries an M16 rifle at work and has founded a paramilitary militia group that is pledged to fight the "encroaching tyranny of the federal government", reports Salon.

He has come to the attention of the wider world thanks to a series of profanity-laced, threatening videos he has posted on YouTube.

In one clip, he wears a T-shirt bearing the slogan: "Liberals take it in the A**" and gives a one-finger salute to people he describes as "Libtards". Another homemade video shows him at the shooting range firing a pistol at a monstrous image he describes as being a picture of Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, who is in favour of banning assault weapons.

Kessler's attitude to law enforcement is as unorthodox as his videos. The problem with today's police officers, he tells Salon, is that "they want to kick butt and take names, and ruin lives, over nonsense. They terrorise people over a turn signal. I've got better things to do with my time than worry about somebody who's got a broken taillight."

The mayor of Gilberton is "standing by" Kessler despite the videos.

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Nothing as dangerous as a STARK, RAVING, MAD, RED NECK police chief!!!!! Hey FBI, make this KOOK turn in his badge & GUNS!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

All government instituted laws are acts of violence, by definition, since if you oppose them every step of the way this will result in your death. HE is protecting rights rather than limiting them, or forcing a governmental policy, and this is the ONLY possibly ethical use of violence.