Span-tastic: BMX rider takes terrifying bridge ride - video

Mat Olson finally achieves his dream of riding across the top of new bridge in Fort Worth, Texas

LAST UPDATED AT 11:29 ON Wed 15 Jan 2014

LOOK away now if you suffer from vertigo. Professional BMX rider Mat Olson used a helmet-mounted camera to film his terrifying ride across the top of a newly-built bridge in Forth Worth, Texas.

Olson managed to traverse the top of the narrow, 24-feet high arches that line the Seventh Street Bridge without incident. His feat was watched by police who said he could have been arrested for trespass and damaging property, but chose to let him off with a warning.

“It seemed like I was on top of a mountain,” Olson told the Star Telegram. “It was all windy and crazy when I was up there. It was pretty exhilarating, that’s for sure.”

Olson said he had been itching to ride the bridge since construction on the new span began. “You can turn anything into an obstacle with a little bit of an imagination,” he said.

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