Chris Christie couldn't bear to watch Springsteen parody - video

Jan 20, 2014

Being mocked by his musical 'icon' was too much for New Jersey governor embroiled in bridge scandal

FOR New Jersey's embattled governor, Chris Christie, it was the last straw: a spoof video in which he is mocked mercilessly by the state's greatest musical icon, Bruce Springsteen. 

The video shows talk show host Jimmy Fallon, dressed as Springsteen circa 1985, singing about the George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal to the tune of Born to Run. He's soon joined by the real Springsteen who continues to pour scorn on "Governor Chris Christie's traffic jam".

According to the New York Times, Christie could "not bring himself to watch the traffic jam-themed parody of Born to Run sung by his idol, Bruce Springsteen". To make matters worse, Christie's college-age son, Andrew, told his father that it was funny, the paper adds.

Fallon told journalists on Sunday that he gave Christie advance warning about the parody in part because Christie has been on Fallon's show before, and "in part because he knew the jokes would sting", The Wrap reports.

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