Denver Batman massacre: masked gunman shoots dead 12

Jul 20, 2012

Masked man lets off gas canister and shoots into audience at screening of Dark Knight Rises in Colorado cinema

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A MASKED gunman has shot dead at least 12 people and wounded up to 50 others at a screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, at a cinema in Denver, Colorado.

The shooter reportedly detonated a smoke or tear gas canister before opening fire into the audience at a midnight showing of the film at the Century Aurora 16 Movie Theatre in a shopping mall in the US city, according to local radio station 850 KOA Radio.

A man carrying a rifle and a handgun was arrested in a nearby car park and is in custody. One police spokesman told CNN he didn't resist arrest or put up a fight. The suspect, named as 24-year-old James Holmes, told police that there were explosives stored at his house, which led to the area being evacuated.

Police confirmed there was "no evidence" of a second gunman, while the FBI said no terrorism link had been found in early investigations, according to ABC.

Brenda Stuart, of KOA Radio, said: "The shooting started during the midnight showing at the theatre. Many people thought it was part of the movie before panic set in.

"Police are taking people to hospital in their own cars, not waiting for ambulances to arrive. There were chaotic scenes as people desperately tried to flee."

Local reporter Justin Joseph told media that witnesses had said a man wearing body armour and a gas mask stood up and faced the audience when Batman appeared on screen. He then threw two gas canister into the stalls.

"As people ran this gunman, or gunmen, opened fire hitting people," he said. "Police sources have told us there are 10 bodies inside the cinema, most of them children or teenagers, and one baby.

"A baby was shot at point blank range, the family were gathered around screaming. There were police on scene when it happened and one of the gunmen was captured quickly."

One witness told CNN about "a guy slowly making his way up the stairs and firing - picking random people".

Another told the BBC of her escape from the cinema: "He fired a canister into the air - it could have been a smoke bomb or tear gas. It shot it right into the air, then I started to hear the bang, bang, bang of a gun."

"I crawled my way through the row, luckily the exit was close to where I was sitting so I got out pretty fast. I heard more shots as I left."

President Obama said he and the first lady were "shocked and saddened" by the incident and urged the country to "come together as one American family".

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That's just sad. Those poor people.

Let's see the NRA spin this one.

FBI said no terrorism link had been found in early investigations,..."

Bwahahaha! What exactly has to happen for the movie goers to be terrified? The gunman has to wear sandals, smell of garlic, and yell Alah-u-akhbar?

I find it funny that you pulled off your previous article stating that there were TWO gunmen.

Funny how?

This is USA government intelligence operation plain and simple.

Obama did not have nearly enough support to get the "UN SMALL ARMS TREATY" signed.... enter "the masked gunman" Armed with military grade hardware, police issue tear gas, and given enough time to injure/kill 64 people before cops FINALLY arrive at the suburban movie theater, where the gun man simply "gives himself up"

I don't know about you.... but every movie theater I go to in the suburbs has security and a police presence....

Isn't it funny that whenever the government wants to pass an unpopular, unconstitutional bill and receives "resistance" enter a "lone gunman" to "massacre" enough people to scare the sheep into submission.

hey, it worked on 911, it worked in the Golf of Tonkin, it worked with the USS Liberty... and when you see Obama sign the UN SMALL ARMS Treaty by the end of this month, you will see that US government FALSE FLAG tactics to sacrifice American citizens for political agenda has worked once again.

There's ALWAYS two gunmen in a government operation! Just like with Jared Lee Loughner, where the found a rifle with the SAME caliber as the handgun "JAred" used to shoot ALLL those people... but just like this case, all the reports of the second gun found "near" the scene just disappeared!

Chris Sky Oh give me a break buddy! If you want to talk gov't conspiracies and lone gunmen,lets talk John F. Kennedy killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Now thats conspiracy! There was NO WAY Oswald did that alone.
This is a clear cut case of a wack job that obviously had a vendetta with the theatre maybe a former disgruntled employee or perhaps somebody that just wanted to make a name for himself,either way it was OBVIOUSLY planned out to a T. But gov't conspiracy?I just dont see it here,maybe after some more stuff about it unfolds,who knows?

Where's the motive? This "possibly disgruntled employee" dons a SWAT style outfit complete with scary mask and somehow gets into the theater without being noticed. He has military grade hardware including tear gas. He has enough time to kill/wound almost 80 people before cops show up? and then he just happily gives him self up?

Here's the holes:

1) and most importantly. Eye witnesses at the scene confirm there was MORE THAN ONE ASSAILANT. (two shooters is the HALLMARK of a government op... just like your JFK assassination.) simply google "Second shooter denver" and you will see videos of witnesses being interviewed at the scene talking about it being "Clear there was more than one gun men."

2) how would the government benefit from this? Simple! Obama has been working almost 4 weeks now in New York on the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY. He's received such backlash from the senate and public he knows he has NO CHANCE of signing the UN TREATY into law.... How convenient that some "crazy" decided to go on a shooting rampage at JUST the right time to try and build up public support to sign the UN TREATY! This will easiy be confirmed when you see on TV in the following week or two talk about how "great" the UN Treaty is and how we "NEED" to sign it to make us "SAFE" so things like the "Batman Massacre" don't happen again! ;)

so once again... this has all the marking of a government sanctioned pys op on the citizens to build public support for the unconstitutional unAmerican UN Small Arms Treaty. Just watch CNN/FOX/MSNBC over the next few weeks. You will be saying "well shit... look at that."

Much as I'm not an admirer of Obama (since he's become President), I find it impossible to believe these stupid conspiracy theories.

The plain facts are that Switzerland has more guns per head of capita than the USA and yet they have nothing of these types of killing sprees.

The US is a country where a huge majority don't travel anywhere other than their own country. The average holiday entitlement is two weeks, therefore that is not going to encourage international travel. This, in turn, leads to an inward looking, protectionist society who rather arrogantly believe that they are the leaders of the Western world. They seldom witness a way of life different to their own, which limits their breadth of understanding and exposure to alternative societies.

Their mainstream educational system is pitifully dominated by extreme Christian right-wing policy which forbid (in some states) any mention of the theory of evolution and where Darwin is held up as some kind of Satan.

Sound familiar? The irony is, is that the US appears to be becoming culturally very similar to many of the Middle Eastern countries with whom they are currently 'at war', where life is cheap unless you're a 'believer', and so many slavishly follow a set of decrees which are thousands of years old and no-longer relevant: - Religion.

Gun-toting ignoramuses are merely a product of a gravely Ill society. The right to bear arms may have been appropriate in the days of the wild frontier, but surely a civilised society would ditch this out-dated policy like a shot - particularly after so many of these cruel and pointless murders have taken place.