Black bears brawl outside Florida home - video

Jun 25, 2012

Having bears wrestling in the front garden is like 'living in a zoo' says home-owner

TWO black bears have been filmed locked in a "bear knuckle brawl" in the front garden of a Florida suburb, where they piled into bushes and tussled on the grass.

Resident Tammy Snell, whose property played host to the fight, said it was like "living in a zoo".

Yet despite the size and behaviour of the bears - Snell guessed they weighed about 300lb - 400lb each - she insisted she did not want them relocated.

"We have bears in our front yards, we have bears in our garages... They don't seem mean but we know they're not pets either. It's a part of living where we live," she told the Orlando Sentinel.

The fisticuffs, in which the bears wrestled on their hind legs and bit each other, lasted for about five minutes before they left the property in Seminole County on Thursday.

According to the New York Daily News, Florida wildlife officials believe the scuffle was a territorial dispute between two young males.

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