New York cop shoots dog as it guards stricken owner - video

Aug 16, 2012

Graphic video shows police officer firing on pit bull as it rushed him

SHOCKING video of New York police shooting a dog as it tried to protect its unconscious owner has been posted on the internet. The footage shows the animal, apparently called Star, snapping at a bystander before running at a police officer.

As the pit bull nears the officer he shoots it with his pistol, and another policeman appears to fire mace, and the animal slides along the street. It then lies writhing in the road.

The footage was posted on the website Gothamist, which spoke to eyewitnesses. One said that the dog's owner, believed to be a homeless man, had suffered a seizure and was lying on the pavement. The animal was standing guard over him, growling at anyone who got too close.

Despite being shot, the dog reportedly survived and is being treated at an animal welfare centre. It's owner, named as Lech Stankiewicz, was described as a drifter who was well known in the area and had problems with drink and drugs. He was wanted by police and was arrested after being taken to hospital.

Witnesses, and commenters on internet message boards, were split in their opinions of the police officer’s actions. Some felt the police had used excessive force, but others said they would have done the same if they were attacked by a pit bull.

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I can understand the police not wanting to get attacked by the pit bull, especially when the dog was being Protective of its injured owner, however, they could have calmed the Dog in another way...perhaps mace...this was Excessive Force on the NYPD's part, and this officer needs to be Disciplined and Made to go to some kind of Training on How to React in Situations....

I don't get what the big deal is. If a Pit Bull tries to attack you and you have the ability to shoot it then you really should. Its a Pit Bull! They are incredibly strong and will do ALOT of damage. Not only that but how was anyone supposed to help that man with a fighting dog attacking anyone who came close?

Non-story blown out of all proportion.

The police maced this dog and kicked his owner before the video started rolling. The cops riled him up and then killed him.

I like how not only they shot his dog but instead of immediately checking on the unconscious man they talked about it.

The dog was just protecting his owner. Disgusting

so the only way to calm down a dog is shooting it... sure. have you ever heard of sedative darts?

This video is VERY hard to watch - that poor dog. I can see where the policeman is coming from though. It is very unfortunate that this happened, the only thing I think that they should have done was to shoot the dog again to put it out of it's misery. I don't know if that is the right thing to say or not, but it would have been better if the first gun shot was an instant kill. I couldn't imagine the pain that poor animal felt! Just AWFUL!

This doesn't mean that I was justifying or saying that this was handled well. Because it wasn't. I just wish the dog didn't have to experience that! It would have been better if it died instantly than having to go through that!!!

was is owner!!! this dog protects, but the retarded officer never reads or feel the loyalty of an animal, and by his reaction the most dangerous to get close is near him.

America what happen with you?

USA is very sick, a shame to the earth planet. Thanks god I'm not northamerican.

So the Police always carry those along with a dart gun on their BatBelt do they? Even if they did, did he have time to load those into the dart gun and shoot it while being attacked by a dog that is bred specifically to cause as much damage as possible?

The officer did the correct thing. If a dangerous dog lunges at you, you shoot it. They should have finished it off though rather than left it dying.

Wake the F up people. Any of you who think the cop did the wrong thing in shooting the agressive dog are completely out to lunch. Any body who thinks they wouldn't do exactly the same thing when they had a pitbull charging is deluding themselves. Cops are there to protect the public AND THEMSELVES not the agitated/agressive dog.

Making stuff up to flame the fans of hate is wrong. If you don't have a source to back up stuff then don't incite hate.

It doesn't matter "loyalty to his owner" the dog had. It was an aggressive animal that was about to attack the officer. If your so deluded that you think animal "rights" should trump the rights of the officer to defend his life then you need to get out of the human race and go live with a tribe of apes.

WTF, It's not a criminal scene! There's no need to kill the dog in this case at all. There're 10 more better ways to handle this case, but that police chose the worst one. That won't be a good ending if you save the guy but kill his beloved dog?

the dog was beign a loyal dog!!! ... and the pussy´s.. i mean the "police" try to avoid a bite...i kind of undestand.. but the correct way to do it wasnt "pulling a toy out" like some idiot say here.. they shoul call the animal control and first they take away the dog and then they have to come closer to the injured man ... not being assholes like they were... but there is not going back ...the "good" thing is that the dog is being treated ..and i hope the police at least do some community service at a local shelter .. and he learns to respect the animal life that is as valuable as any person... :/

Thats why as soon as they shot the dog, they rushed to help the man?
I understand the cop defending themselves, but they shouldve actually helped BOTH man and dog after the shot instead of just standing there wasting time.

How can this happen ? It's so, so sad, that officer needs to be punished, sooooooooo sadddddddddd !!! F**K

You all are sick, killing animals and people all over, I can't stop crying !

The one who shot the dog looks & acts like a skinhead soldier in Nazi Army, send him back to his home country or to the Tea Party down South. Shame to have such a policeman in NYC.

Another skinhead looking guy here?

How come you assume Dee has no backup stuff right away? Are you another dog hater too?

That skinhead shooter looks like a pussy, he could have used his stick to defend himself.

Sick man, go home!

Where the heII Electric shock gun.?

Im a Dog lover. I didn't see any comments yesterday but Im very surprised this is one sided on behalf of the dog. I should post a video of an Animall Control officer in Uniform without a gun who was attacked. It there to view on You Tube. She kept screaming as the Pitbull Lunged at her and bit her in the arm and Breast. THe dog didnt stop after a bystander hit it in the head with a bat. Only after the 3rd hit did the dog stop. Had that Officer been in a room alone with the dog and the dog knocked her down and went for the throat, she would have been dead. You never know persons life experiences with dogs. Were they bit as a child and scarred for life?

I don't think officers are trained to read a dogs body language. The dogs tail was wagging but still willing to protect its owner. The officer came toward the dog without his gun drawn. The dog lunged at a bystander. The the officer have time to wait for another bystander to get bit. He wouldve been called a punk for letting too many bystanders get bit. I wish he carried a taser,

this pisses me off.fn cops.i am sick of this crap with cops killing dogs.the dog was protecting its owner.ny pussy cops.


There is a protocol that takes place in incidents such as the one above. In other videos of fuller length taken that same time, you will notice how quickly other officers arrive to the scene - there is hardly a lag. As such, just as quickly could officers and/or other appropriate individuals arrived with the proper equipment/means to tame the dog. Shooting it was not the appropriate action nor one that was warranted.

Let's evaluate the above scene- TWO officers with (partial) protective gear and one dog protecting it's owner. The officer that made the egregious mistake of shooting it, could have easily moved out of it's way while the other officer tried to tame it and/or called for back-up. Worse case, the dog should not have been shot in the neck/face.

Your response perpetuates ignorance. I am an American and reside a couple blocks from where the video was shot.

Who are you to think that your parochial, myopic views are worth being heard? There are procedures that ought to take place. The reason this has become a "scandal" is not because jw91 deems it to be so, but rather because those officers are stepping outside of normal regime and routine and that is when fear and anger arises. Police Officers are presumed to enforce law and policy, not take it upon themself(ves) to reconstruct and/or break it.

i had given 20 shots to that damn dog

This dog was doing what most dogs would have done, protecting his owner, he had not gotten violent enough to be shot and this officer shot him before any thought, the officers should have handled this in a much calmer manner, were they not trained in how to remain calm???? I'm actually disgusted. The police should pay for all medical bills!

For the last time the Pit Bull did not attack anyone! The Pit Bull was shot in the head and his owner arrested and taken to jail after he got out of the hospital. There was no need for the dog to be shot.

ever heard of tranquilizers or calling for animal control.

This video makes me sick but I can't help but wonder if with all the media hype and numbers of views it is receiving........... will this change anything?? Will police forces start to think a little more seriously about training officers to handle animals? Lets hope that Star's story could affect a positive change.

The police were Kicking the Homeless man? Of course the dog would attack! Mine would too if someone attacked and kicked me! Where was the holding leash before and why wasn't it used instead of shooting the dog? Why were both man and dog left suffering with no aid what so ever? I saw a homeless man have a seizure in Downtown Dallas. There were paramedics and police taking care of him, not standing around pushing people around and doing nothing? I have always heard New Yorkers just watch criminal acts happen and just don't care to be involved. The film seems to prove that idea.