Justin Bieber held in Miami for DUI and resisting arrest

Jan 23, 2014

Troubled teen admits drinking beer and smoking marijuana before being stopped at 4am

THOSE who believe Justin Bieber has succumbed to 'Child Star Syndrome' and is unravelling in the spotlight have fresh evidence to support their case. The Canadian pop star has been arrested in Miami and charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

Sky News says the 19-year-old was behind the wheel of a rented yellow Lamborghini at 4am this morning when he was pulled over by police. He was seen by a police officer travelling at about 60mph on a residential street, roughly twice the speed limit.

The police officer believes the pop star may have been drag racing a red Ferrari as he saw both cars accelerate from a standing start before he pulled them over.

Bieber was reportedly unhappy when he was asked to get out of the sports car. He was "a little belligerent at first and used some choice words," a spokesman for Miami police said.

Bieber was taken to the Miami Beach police station where he was "breathalysed and processed", Sky says. The tests confirmed that he was "under the influence" and he was charged with DUI and resisting arrest without violence.

Police say the singer told them that he had drunk a beer, smoked marijuana and taken a prescription medicine prior to his arrest. It is understood he will be taken to the Miami-Dade County jail to await the outcome of a bail application.

Bieber, who was allegedly racing a red Ferrari before he was pulled over, has had a reputation as a boy racer for some time. Neighbours in the exclusive Los Angeles community of Calabasas where he lives, say he drives his white Ferrari through the neighbourhood at speeds more befitting a race course.

But fast cars aren't the only reason the pop star gets into trouble. His arrest comes just a week after his home was searched by police following allegations he threw eggs at his neighbour's house.

Some fans believe Bieber is being led astray by his live-in friend, rapper Lil Za. But Za – real name Xavier Smith – wasn't in the Lamborghini with the singer.

TMZ says the person in the passenger seat of Bieber's car was an unnamed "model". The website believes that the driver of the car that Bieber was allegedly racing was also arrested.

Bieber has been in Florida for the past few days and has been spotted in nightclubs and at a skate park opened by the rapper Lil Wayne. He posted photos of himself on Instagram performing tricks on his skateboard and spraying his initials onto a wall at the park.

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Couldn't have been very smashed if he remembered the instruction to say he was on prescription medicine.