Megan Futrell and baby among first named tornado victims

May 22, 2013

Mother and child had sheltered in 7-Eleven store battered by deadly Oklahoma storm

A MOTHER and baby are among the first victims of the Oklahoma tornado to be named. Megan Futrell, 29, was killed along with her five-month-old child, the Daily Mail reports. Their bodies were found huddled together in the freezer of the badly damaged 7-Eleven store where they had tried to find shelter.

According to tributes posted online to Futrell, she spoke to her husband by telephone moments before she and her baby died. Her cousin, Pastor DA Bennett, called her a "beautiful teacher and wife". He said: "She was a schoolteacher and had to be home with her baby. She went to get her baby and found that she couldn't outrun the storm."

He went on: "I hope that when people think of her they don't think that she was reckless or some kind of thrill-seeker. She was a mother who loved her baby and wanted to do what she could to protect that child."

So far five victims, including Futrell and her baby, have been identified. They include Plaza Towers Elementary School pupils Kyle Davis (pictured above), aged eight, Janae Hornsby, nine, and 65-year-old Hermant Bhonde.

Hornsby and Davis were two of the seven children who drowned after the tornado struck the Plaza Towers school in Moore. It is believed the children took shelter in the basement as the tornado approached, but became trapped when the building took "a direct hit" from the twister.

Janae's father Joshua said the nine-year-old "always had a smile on her face". Speaking shortly after he learned of his daughter's death, he told CNN she was "the best kid anybody could have" and a "ball of love". Officials say at least 24 people died in the disaster with rescuers now "98 per cent sure they have found all the victims".

At least 237 people were injured in the tornado.

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