A model depicting the aliens that were possibly found in Roswell

Roswell UFO crash: what really happened 67 years ago?

Briefing Mon 7 Jul, AT 14:26

The mysterious crash-landing in Roswell, New Mexico is seen as the ultimate landmark event in UFO history

Independence Day in Michigan

Independence Day: what America celebrates on 4 July

Briefing Thu 3 Jul, AT 16:41

The significance of the Declaration of Independence, and why it should be celebrated two days earlier

Reflection of the Facebook logo

Was Facebook's 'creepy' study funded by the US military?

One-Minute Read Thu 3 Jul, AT 14:16

Confusion over military involvement, but the American military is already studying you

Hobby Lobby: the Supreme Court ruling that is dividing the US

Briefing Tue 1 Jul, AT 16:07

As corporations are given the right to religious freedom, Obama argues it 'jeopardises' women's health

Blackwater security employees

Blackwater manager told US investigator 'I could kill you'

One-Minute Read Mon 30 Jun, AT 14:01

American authorities were investigating Blackwater before notorious 2007 Iraq shootings

Asiana Airlines flight 214

San Francisco plane crash 'caused by complex flight controls'

One-Minute Read Thu 26 Jun, AT 14:03

Probe finds that pilots did not 'fully understand' flight systems of their Boeing 777

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse: why two clown rappers are suing the FBI

Briefing Wed 25 Jun, AT 15:32

Fans of the Insane Clown Posse claim they have been harassed by police after FBI called them a 'gang'

Charles Laurence

Electric badass: is US ready for Harley's new green machine?

Wed 25 Jun, AT 09:24 Charles Laurence

They say it sounds like a fighter jet taking off from a carrier: sounds more like a nylon zipper to me

Rory McIlroy

The intelligent punter's guide to the US Open golf 2014

Preview Thu 12 Jun, AT 10:06

With the world's top golfers set to tee off today in the US Open in North Carolina, who's worth a flutter

Charles Laurence

Armed and dangerous: US cops get army's unwanted weapons

Wed 11 Jun, AT 08:30 Charles Laurence

Mine-resistant vehicles, combat helicopters and M16 rifles now in hands of increasingly paramilitary police