'Cannibal Cop' Gilberto Valle guilty of planning to eat women

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Mar, AT 11:37

Jury finds the 28-year-old had moved beyond 'ugly fantasies' and was about to act

Florida sinkhole swallows sleeping man alive - video

Video Fri 1 Mar, AT 15:09

Jeff Bush is presumed dead after a massive sinkhole opened up beneath the bedroom of his Tampa home

Bradley Manning: I wanted to spark debate about cost of war

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Mar, AT 09:20

Soldier accused of biggest classified leak in US history pleads guilty in unusual move

Boss charged with slapping toddler's face on plane

One-Minute Read Tue 19 Feb, AT 15:30

Joe Rickey Hundley is alleged to have 'racially abused' crying child then hit it with an open hand

Obama pledges economic revival and gun control in union address

Talking Point Wed 13 Feb, AT 12:59

The US President's 'wide-ranging' State of the Union address sets out a bold vision for his second term

Christopher Dorner: body found in cabin after 'rambo' gunfight

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Feb, AT 10:42

Manhunt ends as remains of man thought to be fugitive cop-killer discovered after fire at mountain cabin

'Rappin for Jesus' makes Pastor Jim a YouTube star - video

Video Tue 12 Feb, AT 16:11

Video of an Iowa preacher reaching out to the 'kids on the street' has gone viral - but is it for real?

SEAL who killed Bin Laden feels abandoned by US govt

First Post Tue 12 Feb, AT 09:26

He killed the terrorist leader with three bullets, but former sniper has no pension or health insurance

John Brennan's Senate hearing: what we learned about CIA man

Briefing Fri 8 Feb, AT 15:25

The man likely to become new CIA chief defends drone strikes, but says he's opposed to torture

Christopher Dorner manhunt: police hunt 'Rambo' cop killer

First Post Fri 8 Feb, AT 15:02

'Armed and dangerous' fugitive thought to be hiding in woods near California’s Big Bear ski resort