Piers Morgan fires a Browning M2 machine gun - video

Video Wed 6 Feb, AT 14:17

Morgan, a vocal advocate of stricter US gun laws, asks 'Why would any civilian need one of these?'

Chris Kyle, America's deadliest military sniper, shot dead

First Reaction Mon 4 Feb, AT 10:04

Speculation the Navy Seal sniper was killed at Texas rifle range by former Marine with PTSD

Five reasons Mayor Ed Koch was the King of New York

Briefing Fri 1 Feb, AT 15:06

The Big Apple's brash, irrepressible mayor has died at 88, leaving an immense legacy

Beyonce answers critics with live anthem rendition - video

Video Fri 1 Feb, AT 09:33

Singer admits she mimed at Obama inauguration, but sings US anthem live at Super Bowl press conference

US Iraq veteran shows off new arms after transplant - video

One-Minute Read Wed 30 Jan, AT 09:36

Brendan Marrocco, who lost all four limbs in bomb blast, has undergone the most complex arm transplant ever

Republican 2016 hopefuls vie for headlines by savaging Clinton

Thu 24 Jan, AT 10:29 Charles Laurence

For right-wingers enraged by Obama's inaugural address, attacking Hillary Clinton was irresistible

Beyonce lip-synching 'scandal' leaves fans disappointed

First Reaction Wed 23 Jan, AT 09:54

Did cold weather prompt the singer to mime her superlative rendition of the US anthem?

Obama: first president to use word 'gay' in inaugural address

First Reaction Tue 22 Jan, AT 10:48

President makes gay rights paramount as many welcome surprisingly liberal second-term agenda

Gun control, immigration top Obama's second term agenda

Summary Mon 21 Jan, AT 15:53

Four challenges for Obama when he returns to the Oval Office after today's inauguration celebrations