Dog fight: Women take custody battle for dachshund to court

One-Minute Read Thu 5 Dec, AT 11:38

Puppy is 'love of my life' says woman fighting New York's first 'matrimonial pet custody case'

Detroit goes bust: judge gives go-ahead for city's bankruptcy

Talking Point Wed 4 Dec, AT 12:29

Decline of 'Motor City' enters new chapter as judge clears largest municipal bankruptcy in US history

Four chimps fight for rights as 'people' not to be held in slavery

Wed 4 Dec, AT 11:41 Charles Laurence

US lawyer Steven Wise says chimps are social, self-aware and deserve same rights as humans

Bronx train crash: driver says brakes failed before it derailed

One-Minute Read Mon 2 Dec, AT 11:57

Authorities have black box from train in which at least four people died and 63 were injured

'I am Spartacus': improv group's Starbucks slave prank - video

Video Fri 29 Nov, AT 12:02

Starbucks insists on taking your name when you order a coffee... but what happens if the name is Spartacus?

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman's Thanksgiving tirade on Jimmy Kimmel - video

Video Wed 27 Nov, AT 15:33

English actor says American celebration 'hurts our feelings' before taking out anger on a turkey

Sandy Hook massacre: details emerge about 'loner' gunman

One-Minute Read Tue 26 Nov, AT 14:21

Adam Lanza wrote book about children being slaughtered years before carrying out murders


Who killed JFK? 50 years of conspiracy theories

Briefing Mon 25 Nov, AT 11:54

It was the CIA, the KGB, aliens or an accident. Why three shots fired in Dallas still reverberate across America

Charles Manson: why 25-yr-old woman is desperate to wed him

One-Minute Read Fri 22 Nov, AT 12:19

Notorious US killer is 79, but Missouri woman called Star says she was 'born' to marry him

Assassination: no one wants to be told it was the little guy

Fri 22 Nov, AT 10:03 The Conversation

From Kennedy to Arafat, people mistrust the official version of events, writes Lindsay Porter