Disillusioned voters send up Obama in parody music video

Aug 7, 2012

'Obama that I used to know', a spoof version of Gotye's hit indie song, is set to go viral

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama is the subject of a new video spoof created by comedian Justin Monticello.
Gotye's hit song Somebody that I used to know, about the break-up of a relationship, has been reworked as a music video about Obama not living up to voters' expectations.
Monticello, a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles, sings lyrics such as "You took Obamacare so far, but you left me like a dog strapped on Romney's car" and "Even the shirt that was on my back is owned by China or being arbitraged by Goldman Sachs".
The clip features Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama Hope poster as a backdrop and the tag line on YouTube reads: "We could have been so much more than just friends with healthcare benefits."
Gotye's song has spawned numerous parodies, including one about Darth Vadar and George Lucas. Critics had previously said it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into a spoof about the American president.

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