Captain Clayton Osbon

Passengers tackle 'crazy' pilot yelling about bombs and Iraq

Video Wed 28 Mar, AT 13:09

'Say your prayers... We're all going down!' screams captain to terrified travellers on JetBlue flight

Mario Balotelli

Balotelli gatecrashes press conference at Inter Milan

Video Wed 28 Mar, AT 10:31

Video: Madcap striker cements reputation by wandering into press call as new manager is unveiled

US Apache helicopter crash

US Apache helicopter crash caught on video

Video Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:08

Nobody was seriously hurt in the incident, which the US Army is investigating

Jason Russell close-up

Kony 2012: close-up video emerges of Russell's naked meltdown

Video Mon 19 Mar, AT 12:14

More footage of filmmaker Jason Russell's public breakdown surfaces as he is treated for exhaustion in hospital

Engelbert Humperdinck, Love Will Set You Free

Humperdinck's Eurovision song Love Will Set You Free unveiled

Video Mon 19 Mar, AT 12:13

Melancholy ballad gets lukewarm reception, Russia’s disco grandmothers are second favourites

Dolphins saved from being stranded

Sunbathers rush into the sea to rescue 30 stranded dolphins

Video Tue 13 Mar, AT 16:06

YouTube clip of holidaymakers saving dolphins on on a beach in Brazil attracts nearly three million hits


Nasa debunks 2012 doomsday theory for a third time

Video Fri 9 Mar, AT 13:18

New video pours scorn on doomsday scenarios - but doth Nasa protest too much?

Andrew Lansley

Lansley chased through hospital corridor by doctor

Video Tue 6 Mar, AT 15:21

President of the Medical Practioners' Union heckles health secretary for his 'rubbish' NHS reforms

Russia's virgin voters urged to love Putin in creepy election ad

Video Wed 29 Feb, AT 12:49

Weird ad features a young girl visiting a fortune teller for advice on her 'first time'

Paddy Powers's 'Tranquilise a chav' ad is YouTube hit

Video Tue 28 Feb, AT 11:45

Controversial bookmaker delivers another commercial too shocking for TV