Karen Klein

$500,000 raised for grandma Karen Klein after video abuse

Video Fri 22 Jun, AT 14:30

A video viral showing 68-year-old Karen Klein being tormented by children sparked outrage and support

Clerk giving spanking

Shopkeeper spanks thief who tried to rob him - video

Video Tue 19 Jun, AT 15:08

An armed robbery ends in farce after the shopkeeper spanks one of the thieves on the bottom


Grandma throws glass of Pimm's in bride’s face - video

Video Mon 18 Jun, AT 12:49

A clip of a grandma confusing a glass of Pimm's for confetti is an internet hit

David Nalbandian

Nalbandian disqualified after kicking judge at Queen's (video)

Video Mon 18 Jun, AT 10:03

Angry Argentine wounds a line judge after lashing out when he lost a point during final

Lynx Sophie Monk Clean Your Balls advert

Lynx 'clean your balls' advert causes controversy Down Under

Video Mon 11 Jun, AT 12:27

Double entendre-filled video of actress cleaning 'small balls' and 'hairy balls' accused of being hyper-sexualised

Members of Greek far-right party Golden Dawn gesture during a swearing-in ceremony

Far-right Golden Dawn spokesman assaults rivals on Greek chat show

Video Thu 7 Jun, AT 14:55

Ilias Kasidiaris goes on the run from police after slapping female MP on TV show

Video of Jon Stewart poking fun at Diamond Jubilee coverage goes viral

Video Tue 5 Jun, AT 19:40

US comedian finds something to laugh at as Piers Morgan gets excited over a boat turning

Cheers as tot sings 'Ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven'

Video Thu 31 May, AT 13:21

Church flooded with death threats after video of toddler's homophobic song goes on YouTube

Craif Oliver

TV camera catches Cameron spin doctor bollocking BBC news man

Video Mon 28 May, AT 14:26

Conservative head of press reads the Riot Act to Norman Smith over report linking the PM, Hunt and the Murdochs

Anna Harrison, netball 'chair lift' lineout move

Breakthrough for netball as New Zealand team deploy rugby tactic

Video Tue 22 May, AT 15:10

Kiwi defender Anna Harrison unveils radical new lifting move to thwart Aussies