Foam covers Footdee as storms hit Aberdeen - video

Video Wed 26 Sep, AT 11:06

Spume phenomenon makes cars and houses look like they are covered in snow in Aberdeen village

Nick Clegg sings sorry: could autotune video rescue deputy PM?

Video Thu 20 Sep, AT 13:06

Nick Clegg’s original YouTube tuition fees apology was a disaster - but the spoof is making waves

World's first 'liliger' cub born in Siberia – video

Video Tue 18 Sep, AT 14:46

A new kind of animal is born in Russian zoo: one part tiger, two parts lion

Bunny rabbit loves balloon to death - video

Video Thu 13 Sep, AT 14:55

A love match between a rabbit and a balloon came to a tragic end

First internet cat film festival held - video

Video Sun 2 Sep, AT 11:23

Moggy movies accepted into mainstream as 10,000 come to watch feline film fest

Elderly floppy drives play Ghostbusters theme - video

Video Tue 21 Aug, AT 15:45

Video shows outmoded technology put to a good, surprisingly funky, use

NYPD shoot homeless man's dog

New York cop shoots dog as it guards stricken owner - video

Video Thu 16 Aug, AT 15:12

Graphic video shows police officer firing on pit bull as it rushed him

Greek gods go to Rio as 2016 Olympics theme tune released

Video Wed 15 Aug, AT 15:14

Relaxed scenes of sunny Rio de Janeiro contrast with Muse's tune about gritty determination

Obama that I used to know

Disillusioned voters send up Obama in parody music video

Video Tue 7 Aug, AT 15:16

'Obama that I used to know', a spoof version of Gotye's hit indie song, is set to go viral

Russian man's kitchen parkour ends in disaster - video

Video Mon 6 Aug, AT 13:30

Russian destroys his kitchen while attempting Olympian feats of gymnastics