Viral videos with 5by: Action Movie Kid is back for more

Video Fri 29 Aug, AT 15:31

Watch Action Movie Kid's latest adventures, and take a jet ski joyride through a canyon

Best Ice Bucket fails

Viral videos with 5by: little league, and ice bucket fails

Video Fri 22 Aug, AT 14:08

Watch the best team talk ever, and see what happens when the Ice Bucket Challenge goes wrong...

Viral videos with 5by: loan sharks, and the real thing

Video Fri 15 Aug, AT 12:14

Find out how sharks got such a bad reputation, and visit the least exclusive spa in New York...

Woman saves child from underground tracks

Baby rescued after buggy sucked onto Tube track – video

Video Tue 12 Aug, AT 10:32

Woman saves child who ended up on London Underground track 'seconds' before train arrives

Passengers in Perth rescue a commuter

Viral videos: What caught fire this week on 5by

Video Fri 8 Aug, AT 16:00

Watch passengers tilt a train, and see the best baby video in ages

Passengers in Perth rescue a commuter

Commuters lift train off man trapped in gap - video

Video Wed 6 Aug, AT 10:13

About 50 passengers tilt train to release man trapped after failing to mind the gap

Barefoot water-skiing

Viral videos: what caught fire this week on 5by

Video Fri 1 Aug, AT 16:00

Watch barefoot water-skiing and see high stakes poker at its agonising best...

Train nearly hits two women in Bloomington, Indiana

Two women cheat death as train runs them over – video

Video Wed 30 Jul, AT 11:12

Trespassers survive with just a stubbed toe after attempting to outrun a 14,000-ton coal train

The Personal Drink ID

Tiny device can detect spiked drinks – video

Video Tue 22 Jul, AT 15:33

Crowd funding campaign aims to prevent date-rape with small battery-powered drug test

Weird Al Yankovic

Word Crimes: Weird Al's Blurred Lines parody and 5 other hits

Video Thu 17 Jul, AT 12:02

Weird Al Yankovic is back with eight new videos in eight days, including Word Crimes