The UK’s most creative entrepreneurs shared their insights.

Video Thu 5 Dec, AT 09:46

For one dynamic hour, three of the UK’s busiest and most creative entrepreneurs shared their insights.

Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir quits over s*** in Sarah Palin's mouth attack

Video Thu 5 Dec, AT 09:10

Broadcaster resigns from MSNBC after suggesting someone should defecate in former governor's mouth - video

Divers find man alive in sunken tugboat – video

Video Wed 4 Dec, AT 12:53

Dramatic footage of 'miracle' rescue of ship's cook who survived for days in air pocket

'I am Spartacus': improv group's Starbucks slave prank - video

Video Fri 29 Nov, AT 12:02

Starbucks insists on taking your name when you order a coffee... but what happens if the name is Spartacus?

Bob Dylan's infamous electric guitar for sale - video

Video Thu 28 Nov, AT 15:25

He was booed when he played it at Newport, but Dylan's Stratocaster expected to sell for $500,000

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman's Thanksgiving tirade on Jimmy Kimmel - video

Video Wed 27 Nov, AT 15:33

English actor says American celebration 'hurts our feelings' before taking out anger on a turkey

Kim Kardashian backs Franco and Rogan’s Bound 2 spoof - video

Video Tue 26 Nov, AT 10:05

Seth Rogan and James Franco’s video gets the thumbs-up from Kim Kardashian – but silence from Kanye West

Katy Perry

Katy Perry shocks AMAs with 'racist' Geisha act - video

Video Mon 25 Nov, AT 15:31

Singer 'raises eyebrows' at American Music Awards as Miley Cyrus steals show with demure kitten costume

Rob Ford

Rob Ford knocks over granny as he loses powers - video

Video Tue 19 Nov, AT 11:30

Enraged Mayor of Toronto charges across chamber floor as he loses almost all of his powers