Prince Charles 'compares Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler'

May 21, 2014

Prince of Wales tells Polish war refugee about his thoughts on Russia's intervention in Ukraine

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Charles has likened Vladimir Putin's actions to those of Adolf Hitler during the Second World War, according to a Polish war refugee. 

Marienne Ferguson, a 78-year-old whose relatives died in Nazi concentration camps, met the prince yesterday at a reception for war veterans in Nova Scotia, Canada.

"I had finished showing him the exhibit and talked with him about my own family background and how I came to Canada," Ferguson told the Daily Mail. "The Prince then said: 'And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler'." 

Ferguson said that she agreed with the Prince but was "very surprised" that he made the comment as she thought the Royal family "are not meant to say these things".

The Prince, who is on a four-day royal tour of Canada with the Duchess of Cornwall, is due to meet the Russian president for D-Day anniversary celebrations in France next month.

Putin has been widely condemned since he annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March. When he subsequently began issuing Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a similar comment to the Prince, telling an audience at a private fund-raiser: "Now if this sounds familiar, it's what Hitler did back in the 1930s."

BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt describes Prince Charles's comments as "an unplanned foray into a vexed international issue".

He adds: "Charles's supporters will argue his views are in tune with those who've been appalled by the Russian president's actions in Ukraine. His critics believe an unelected future head of state should be seen and not heard."

Prince Charles has previously been criticised for meddling in domestic affairs, holding private meetings with ministers and writing them letters about issues close to his heart.

Clarence House said it would not comment on a private conversation.

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Yes who is Prince Charles to talk , when a number of his family were nazis sympathizers during the war.

This from a man who was filmed doing a sword dance in KSA which is not exactly known for its liberal sympathies.

Why should he not have an opinion? it seems the press are worried by this, just something more for the chattering classes to waste time over. As to why a series of unelected journalists should have an opinion is far more worrying.

OK, so he compares Putin to Hitler, both of whom were strong leaders, notwithstanding their behaviour. Can't see him leading a horse to water, let alone a country's population, which is why his Mum has kept him down home on the farm for so long! When Charlie grows a spine, then he can comment on these matters, until he does, his views should be kept to himself, and the "Meeja" should just shut up about him.

Ha! Said Vlad and he is like Mickey Mouse, minus intelligence and wisdom. But the ears, yes, the ears for sure.

I am from Vancouver,canada and I wanted to say that Prince Charles should be condemning his own country for occupying Northern Ireland before he condemns other countries.England has been interfering in Ireland since the time of Queen Elizbeth 1.It only gets worse since then. In 1801 with the (Act of Union) Ireland became dependent on England for most of its goods.As a result of that act farmers in Ireland were forced to grow only potatoes mostly for England.So when the potato crop failed in 1847 people in Ireland faced starvation and one million irish people starved. and many more to escape starvation left Ireland for Canada and the USA.The British Gov. at the time took advantage of this exodus to rob the land of these people and give it to British people.What a shameful disgusting act.
In 1922 the British Gov. forcefully made the six counties of Northern Ireland part of England.Since then several thousand people from Northern Ireland have been killed by British troops and its allies the Unionists.In 1972 British Troops killed 13 unarmed civilians and seriously injured 14 others in Derry.The gov. of England then tried to deny that.To this day Northern Ireland is occupied by British troops.What were you saying about Hitler.

Prince Charles does not appear to have a deep understanding of the history of the Second World War or current affairs. The Ukraine issue is a very complex matter and the main issue revolves around the EU, USA and NATO advancing to the border of Russia whilst overthrowing the legitimate government of Ukraine.