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the budget 2014 george osborne

Budget 2014: key points from George Osborne's statement

Wed 19 Mar, AT 15:55

Beer duty down, tobacco duty up, while savers and pensioners given a helping hand from Treasury

Why a minimum wage hike? It could cut £1bn from welfare bill

Wed 8 Jan, AT 10:56
The Mole

And if small businesses keep protesting it's a lousy idea, Cameron can always blame Nick Clegg

2015 starts now: Tories get tough on scroungers and immigrants

Mon 18 Feb, AT 11:48
The Mole

Theresa May has infuriated the judges – but it's music to the ears of Tory election guru Lynton Crosby

Public attitude to welfare state 'toughens' despite recession

Talking Point
Mon 17 Sep, AT 16:07

Less sympathy for benefit recipients but more people want to see an increase in public spending

David Cameron

Cameron's welfare crackdown: what's for the chop?

Mon 25 Jun, AT 14:07

Large families claiming child benefits and young people who want to leave home are top targets


David Cameron's housing cuts will alienate the young

Opinion digest
Mon 25 Jun, AT 10:22

Opinion Digest: welfare cuts, Egypt's presidential election and the morality of taxation


Welfare: new blue Cameron seeks to out-Thatcher Maggie

Mon 25 Jun, AT 09:45
The Mole

Revelation of 'Let Down by Dave' bloc sees David Cameron abandoning compassionate Conservatism


Rightwing troublemakers are trying to bring Cameron down

Opinion digest
Thu 19 Apr, AT 11:12

Opinion round-up: Troublemaking Tories, why we should cheer Hollande, and is tax slavery?


Companies accused of behaving 'spinelessly' over workfare row

Talking Point
Mon 27 Feb, AT 15:21

Businesses frightened by slave labour accusations told to hold their nerve and stick with the scheme