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A humpback whale

What will Japan learn by resuming 'research' whaling?

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Wed 9 Jul, AT 13:03

Japan announces it will resume 'scientific whaling' in 2015, despite ban by the ICJ

Japan ‘to suspend whaling’ but is hunt over for good?

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Sep, AT 12:23

Japanese fisheries agency says factory ship needs repairs and whaling fleet might therefore not set sail

Japan whaling

Sea Shepherd leader, wanted by Interpol, prepares for 'whale wars'

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Fri 21 Sep, AT 14:38

Paul Watson plans to stop Japanese whaling 'completely', but arrest warrant means he might not be able to reach his own fleet

Japan whaling

Japan suspends whaling as economic reality hits

Wed 16 Feb, AT 11:46

Sea Shepherd's harassment blamed, but is debt-hit Tokyo simply unable to subsidise whale hunt?

Japanese men carve up a whale

Australia takes Japan to court over whaling

Tue 1 Jun, AT 18:24

Australia tells International Court of Justice that Japan’s scientific research is a thinly veiled commercial hunt

Humpback whale

Victory for Sea Shepherd as whale catch halved

Tue 13 Apr, AT 17:58

The Japanese whaling fleet caught half its quota this year thanks to harassment from activists