Euro plunges on negative interest threat

Brief Fri 7 Dec, AT 10:18

Mario Draghi, European Central Bank president, says interest rates may have to be cut

Sandy clean-up gives GDP a boost

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Nov, AT 16:07

Superstorm Sandy's impact will reduce US GDP in the fourth quarter, but reconstruction efforts will see it boosted in early 2013


HSBC money laundering fine could hit $1.5bn

One-Minute Read Mon 5 Nov, AT 16:01

HSBC money-laundering breach in Mexico means another $800m to be allocated to potential penalties in 3rd quarter results

Jose Manuel Barroso

Tobin tax moves closer

One-Minute Read Wed 24 Oct, AT 15:46

Ten EU states to push ahead with the financial transaction tax

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande

Eurozone banks look a little safer after supervision deal

First Post Fri 19 Oct, AT 07:18

ECB will become single supervisor for all eurozone banks, making bailouts simpler to organise

Freighter the Arctic Sea

Total warns against drilling for oil in arctic

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Sep, AT 14:16

Oil giant chief exec says risks of oil spill in Greenland is too high

Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of supplying attack helicopters to Syria

Hilary Clinton calls for higher taxes - everywhere

One-Minute Read Tue 25 Sep, AT 14:45

Clinton says world's global elites need to contribute to the growth of their countries

Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz: don't delay European banking Union

One-Minute Read Tue 25 Sep, AT 14:33

Nobel-prize winner says time is running out for Europe, nations must share the burden

Barclays plans to scale back its tax unit

Business Digest Tue 11 Sep, AT 08:36

Scandal-hit bank tries to clean up its image as part of CEO Antony Jenkins's Project Transform

iPhone maker Foxconn in cheap student labour row

Business Digest Tue 11 Sep, AT 08:30

Student interns are allegedly being compelled to work at plants making iPhones or their components in China